Davis On Haney & Stevenson: “Them Ni**as Can’t Touch Me”

Gervonta Davis Says Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson Are Not On His Level!

Collage of Gervonta Davis, Shakur Stevenson and Devin Haney
Gervonta Davis | Shakur Stevenson | Devin Haney

Gervonta Davis Adamant Shakur Stevenson & Devin Haney Can’t Beat Him!

Three-time junior lightweight champion Gervonta Davis (27-0, 25KO) shot several shots at top fighters in an interview with The Rize Podcast. The fire came after being told the only fighters likely to defeat him were undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney and multi-division champ Shakur Stevenson.

The Baltimore native proceeded to claim the aforementioned had no chance against him, evidenced by several sparring sessions that had previously take place.

“Them niggas cannot touch me! They all been in the ring with me and I cracked both of them!”

In response, the interviewer stated he had knowledge that Haney got the better of the last sparring session between the two. Davis would reveal details of what took place shortly after.

“He didn’t get no best of me. You know I sparred him [Devin Haney] twice. The first time his father took him out the ring. The second time I almost knocked him out in Floyd’s [Mayweather] gym!”

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However, according to Floyd Mayweather Sr, Haney actually did “handle” Davis in the second sparring session. Regardless, this is just “sparring” and really has no bearing on who would win under the bright light where it counts.

Davis would continue his rant and went on to challenge anyone!

“Be prepared! After these first two niggas…I’m coming straight at them niggas, I’m telling you! That’s why I ain’t got no friends in this shit man! All them niggas can get it! Everybody…30 [130lbs], 35 [135lbs], 40 [140lbs], all them can get it!”

While this sounds good, it still remains to be seen if Davis will actually take on the best challenges in and around his division. The “first two” he spoke of his assumed to be his fight in January 7 against undefeated WBA “regular” 130lbs champ Hector Luis Garcia then a “proposed” bout against Ryan Garcia in April. The statement “I’m coming straight at them” can be presumed to be Haney and Stevenson. If so, we are ready for Davis to practice what he preaches!

By: EJ Williams

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