Garcia On Reynoso Split: “It Was Nothing Personal. It Was Just Time!”

Ryan Garcia Expresses No Hard Feelings in Split with Former Trainer Reynoso

Ryan Garcia poses with trainer Eddy Reynoso
Ryan Garcia poses with Eddy Reynoso

Ryan Garcia Says No Bad Blood Informed his Split with Eddy Reynoso

Since his January 2, 2021 victory over Luke Campbell, his career best win, lightweight boxer Ryan “King Ry” Garcia (21-0, 18 KO’s) has consistently gnawed away at his own credibility. At the time of the Campbell fight, he was an undefeated fighter being heavily pushed by Golden Boy promotions and held a tremendous social media following.

Technically speaking, all of those elements still apply. Yet, now King Ry has sabotaged two fights and told tall tales about two others. The rewards for such choices have seriously depreciated the worth of his words. Given this backdrop, it is not hard to see why many suspected more chicanery when Garcia recently split with famed trainer Eddy Reynoso. 3Kings Boxing 2021 Trainer of the Year Reynoso is also the chief second to boxing poster boy “Canelo” Alvarez.


When Garcia initially declared that he was going to go in a different direction, the conspiracy theories raged like wildfire. The most common belief was that in all actuality it was Reynoso booting an undisciplined King Ry out of the fold. This was not all that farfetched since Canelo himself had already publicly chastised Garcia for his questionable dedication.

Maybe Garcia couldn’t handle the work and was not fired but quit. A wilder theory, what if Reynoso does have something to do with the four fighters who popped dirty while under his guidance? Perhaps, King Ry knew, or found out, this to be true and opted to discreetly blaze a separate trail. Anything is certainly possible on the underbelly of boxing’s dirty deeds. Regardless of what on-lookers may speculate, Ryan Garcia took the time to clear up all speculation when answering questions after going live on his social media.

“You know guys in regards to switching trainers, it had nothing to do with bad blood or ego or any hard feelings. It’s just, I would say, time! That’s basically it. Knowing that you got to get to work and Eddy is very busy, I respect it. And he had to do what he has to do, so we just move forward and keep grinding.”


Now that Garcia is no longer with Reynoso, he will now be receiving his instructions from long time trainer Joe Goosen. It will be interesting to see a number of things about Garcia’s upcoming April 9 dance date with Emmanuel Tagoe. There is little doubt that he and Goosen will need more time to truly gel as a cohesive and dynamic team. It will also be revealing to see how Garcia performs following his minor fall from grace and layoff from action.

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