Gonzalez Dethrones Juarez As WBC Champion! Rematch Or Unify Next?

Will Gonzalez Give Juarez a Rematch or Pursue Other Options?

Asley Gonzalez defeats Lourdes Juarez to become WBC champion
Asley Gonzalez defeats Lourdes Juarez to become WBC champion | Credit: Facebook

Asley Gonzalez Wins WBC Title from Lourdes Juarez!

A title changed hands in the women’s super flyweight division as Asley “Chiquita” Gonzalez (15-2, 7KO) dethroned Lourdes “La Pequena Lulu” Juarez (34-3, 4KO) to claim the WBC title. This championship battle came down to a close decision between an older, more experienced champion and the young challenger. Gonzalez enjoyed home-field advantage in her hometown of Tepic.


From the moment the bell sounded, both women went on the attack. Juarez controlled the action at midrange, working behind the jab and attempting to keep the more aggressive challenger at bay. Gonzalez quickly closed the gap, and landed hard right hands followed by punishing hooks to the body. She fought inspired as the crowd shouted her name (“Chiquita”) repeatedly.

It was a back-and-forth battle as both fighters gave it their all. La Pequena Lulu showed the heart of a champion by never backing down. Gonzalez’s power was becoming a factor in the latter portion of the fight, as she stunned the champion with several overhand rights.

When the final bell sounded, one judge scored a 95-95 draw. That card would be overruled by the other two that had it 96-94 in favor of Gonzalez. The World Boxing Council took to social media to congratulate both fighters on an excellent performance.

World Boxing Council congratulates Asley Gonzalez


Gonzalez not only defeated the longest reigning champion in the division in Juarez, but she also snapped the former champion’s eight-year winning streak. The fight was close enough that fans would love to see a rematch. However, Gonzalez could pursue other options such as a unification with newly crowned WBA champion Clara Lescurat. IBF champion Micaela Lujan and WBO champion Tamao Ozawa are also good fights. Equally important, both champions have fought in Mexico, so traveling should not be an issue.

It will be interesting to see what is next for Gonzalez as the division is wide open for the taking.

By: Garrisson Bland

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