Joshua Greer Stops Giovanni Escaner

"Don't Blink" Puts Another Opponent to Sleep

Joshua Greer
Joshua Greer

Joshua Greer records his seventh straight knockout.

Bring out the pillow because Joshua Greer has stopped another opponent! The 24 year-old improves to 20-1-1 with 12 knockouts after a body shot in the ninth round incapacitates his opponent.

Greer had a little trouble finding his rhythm in the first two quarters of this bout. Many times, he would be caught with his left hand down as the wily Giovanni Escaner would find a home for his overhand right.

To further help his Filipino opponent, he constantly circled to his left; in line for the overhand right.

The young prospect from Chicago, understood the kind of opponent he had in front of him. Escaner only fights off his front-foot, who will take shots in order to deliver his. He will even play possum a bit, then unload onto his opponents and land an unforeseeable shot while they are in mid-combination.

Greer did an excellent job staying on the outside behind his jab. However, he would plant too often, attempting to unload big shots. One of those “unforeseeable” shots landed flush in the fourth round while Greer was planted that dropped him.

He would rise from the knockdown, only to pick up where he left off. Going into the third quarter of the fight, fatigue started to kick-in for Escaner. He no longer applied effective aggression as his work-rate dipped while still running into punches.

Greer became a much more elusive target as well as the Filipino contender no longer had the lung capacity to catch the slick boxer. This lead to the devastating body shot in the ninth round that would keep Escaner on his knees as the referee counted him out.

The once defeated prospect made it clear he believes he is the best bantamweight in the world. Furthermore, he challenged anyone in the division to take the challenge!

By: EJ Williams

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