Sheeraz Melts Williams In 1; Yarde & Noakes Floor The Opposition!

Hamzah Sheeraz vs Liam Williams Card Recap

Hamzah Sheeraz vs Liam Williams card winners
Hamzah Sheeraz vs Liam Williams card winners

Hamzah Sheeraz, Yarde, and Noakes All Take Home KO Wins!

In the main event of the evening, middleweight contender Hamzah Sheeraz (19-0, 15 KO’s) stopped Liam “The Machine” Williams (25-5-1, 20 KO’s) in impressive fashion. Right from the start, Williams was befuddled with Sheeraz’s unreasonably long arms.

With that reach, the towering fighter peppered The Machine with a thudding jab. In fact. Williams was put on the canvas with a pinpoint jab on the chin that really seemed to shake him up. The veteran made it to his feet only to be abused and victimized from long range. Even though he was not loading up, Sheeraz’s punches really badly affected Williams. One uppercut forced an involuntary country line dance two-step out of his legs.

Then, suddenly The Machine was dropped a second time in the opening round. This time he had to beat the count as the result of a crisp right uppercut to the chin. Once on his feet, as the battering resumed, Williams’ own corner pounced on the ring apron and threw in the towel. Ranked #4 (WBC), #5 (WBO) and #11 (WBA), this was a thrilling and beneficial win for Hamzah Sheeraz. It will be fun to see who he is matched with next.


In his first duel of the year, light heavyweight and two-time world title challenger Anthony Yarde (25-3, 24 KO’s) picked up a one-sided knockout victory. When in against Marko Nikolic (32-4, 12 KO’s), Yarde opened the fight behind his jab and used head movement to feel out his opposition.

By the halfway mark of the opening round, Yarde was in full control and hammering Marco with a hurtful right hand to the body. This unforgiving body attack would blossom into two knockdowns in the second, and a third in the third round.

Even though he made it to his feet on every occasion he went down, on the last trip, referee Lee Every had seen enough and called a halt to the action in the third. Ranked #4 (WBA), #5 (WBC), #6 (WBO) and #8 (IBF), it will be interesting to see who Yarde faces next.


In his latest battle, lightweight fighter Sam Noakes (13-0, 13 KO’s) collected a brutal knockout win over Lewis Sylvester (13-1, 4 KO’s). In the opening round, Sylvester was able to move around the ring well and avoid the brunt of Noake’s offense. Toward the end of the second however, Noake’s began catching up with his elusive foe.

Sylvester hit a wall in the third as he was dropped with a piercing left hook to the body about a minute in. After barely beating the count, the wounded boxer was thrashed and herded around the canvas for about a minute before being dropped with a right hook to the body. To his credit, despite looking like he was walking barefoot over broken glass the whole time, Sylvester made it to the bell.

The fourth picked up where the third ended. Sylvester continued to absorb the beating he was being tossed like a soldier but was sat down with a nasty headshot. Having seen enough, his corner threw in the towel, awarding the win to Sam Noakes.

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