Hearn: “Top Rank Is Done! Bob Arum Is Old And Has No Ambition!”

Eddie Hearn Firebombs Bob Arum and Top Rank in Retaliation!

Eddie Hearn fires back at Bob Arum
Bob Arum (L, Top Rank), Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn Asserts Top Rank is on the Verge of Collapse!

Is Top Rank, one of the traditional power brokers of the sport for decades, on the decline? According to one Matchroom boss Eddie Hearn, that is indeed the case. One of the sport’s biggest rivalries, from a promotional side, is between Hearn and Bob Arum.

They are far from friends and have hurled their share of insults at each other over the years. The latest involves the recent trilogy contest between Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora. Hearn initially raised questions about pay-per-view buys for that fight in the UK for that bout. Arum decided to clap back by calling his rival a joke in the United States who should stay out of his pockets and mind his business.


During an interview with the British boxing source Pro Boxing Fans, Hearn decided to give his retort to Arum’s disparaging comments and made an eye-raising claim about Top Rank.

“When I say they’re done, I mean that with all due respect. Bob Arum is 92 years old. He has no ambition. He is looking to make as much money, get out of the business, and do shows as cheaply as possible. They’re going to small arenas.

Show me what Top Rank has done this year versus what Matchroom has done. Show me the ratings on ESPN versus the ratings that that boxing slot should be getting. I don’t think ESPN is happy with him. I don’t think they’re doing a good job. I don’t think they have any ambition.

I didn’t start this, by the way. I’ve never said anything about Bob Arum. He just came out and started slaying me. So, Fuck Bob Arum, he’s done. We’re taking over, off you go!”


Some may view Hearn’s comments as being reactionary, but is there some truth in his claims about Arum and his company? Word on the street is that professional wrestling giant WWE has eyes on making inroads into the Sweet Science and is interested in purchasing two United States promotional companies. Could one of those be Top Rank?

In 2018, Top Rank signed a seven-year deal with ESPN, but the success-rate has not been a total knockout. WWE has pockets. They are one of the few entities in sports entertainment with the means to make such a move.

With his inside connections, Hearn would know more than anyone what’s truly going on. Arum has yet to respond to these latest accusations. However, this is something definitely worth watching moving forward.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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