Eddie Hearn: “Hitchins Must Improve To Beat Matias and Haney”

Eddie Hearn calls for Improvement from Richardson Hitchins

Eddie Hearn calls for Richardson Hitchins to improve
Eddie Hearn claims Richard Hitchins needs improvement before facing Devin Haney or Subriel Matias.

Is Hitchins is Ready For Devin Haney or Subriel Matias?

Richardson Hitchins (18-0, 7 KOs) was given the fight of his life in a unanimous decision win over Gustavo Lemos (29-1, 19KO) in an IBF junior welterweight title eliminator. British promoter Eddie Hearn claims he needs to improve before facing WBC champion Devin “The Dream” Haney or IBF champion Subriel “El Orgullo De Maternillo” Matias.

Fighting at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas in Nevada, Hitchins had his hands full from the opening bell. He had all kinds of problems dealing with the in your face style of Lemos. In the build-up to the fight, the Brooklyn New Yorker was dismissive of Argentinian as a challenger. Which turned out to be a huge mistake as he was faced with adversity throughout the entire fight.

Despite Hitchins hand getting raised in victory, more than a few observers felt the Argentinian did enough to earn the verdict. 


After the fight, Hitchins said he wanted to fight either The Dream (31-0, 15KO) or the winner between Matias (20-1, 20KO) and Liam Paro. But Hitchins’s boastful comments were countered by his promoter, Eddie Hearn, who said the following about his fighter. 

“We know he’s got the skill. We know he’s got the heart. He’s going to have to improve if he’s going to beat the likes of Subriel Matias, Devin Haney, and all those guys he wants. But tonight, he showed something different and gave the fans a tremendous fight.”

Here’s the reality. Hitchins is a talented fighter. The 26-year-old native of Brooklyn, New York, can box, has an excellent jab, and can punch with either hand. But against Lemos, he showed some flaws. The New Yorker was uncomfortable with someone who got past his jab and attacked his body. If he had trouble dealing with Lemos, imagine how he would deal with Matias, who has a similar come-forward style but hits harder. 

Hitchins would face a different proposition against Haney. The WBC champion would force Hitchins to fight on the front foot. How would Hitchins deal with the speed, skill, and elusiveness of The Dream?

In a modern boxing world where promoters often go out of their way to hype their fighters, Hearn’s comments were refreshingly honest. It’s not that he doesn’t believe in Hitchins, who will soon become the mandatory challenger for Matias. But the Chairman of Matchroom Promotions wants Hitchins at his best when and if he fights for a world title. 

The undefeated New Yorker may feel he can whip anyone in the division. But Hearn knows a world champion when he sees it. 

You get a feeling that the man who runs Matchroom believes that his fighter is not yet ready for that kind of competition. Many in the boxing community would agree with Hearn. 

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