Stevenson On Haney: “Bob Arum Told Y’all It Wasn’t No Real Offer”

Shakur Stevenson Changes Posture on the Devin Haney Offer!

Devin Haney gives a look to Shakur Stevenson
Shakur Stevenson (Getty Images) says Devin Haney did not make him an offer

Shakur Stevenson Denies He Received an Offer from Haney

At the present moment, WBC lightweight champion “Fearless” Shakur Stevenson (21-0, 10 KO’s) is scrambling to find a fight. During this process, he’s taken to social media to claim that two-division champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (31-0, 15 KO’s) never made him an offer to fight. This is a statement that is getting him cooked in his own comment threads.

It is a major head-scratcher as to why Stevenson has opted to take this route. It’s odd because at the time, Fearless went on a small informal media tour explaining at great length that the offer for 25% split was made for a shot at all four of Haney’s titles. Even back then, he quizzically insisted that “the offer was not real,” because he felt that Haney would not honor the deal, had he accepted.

It should be noted that Devin Haney has never flaked on a fight contract or failed to meet his agreed upon obligations. In fact, The Dream signed a notoriously one-sided contract to face George Kambosos in order to fight for and become the undisputed champion in the lightweight division. Naturally, with the mountain of evidence that he personally made publicly available, scores of boxing fans are throwing Stevenson’s words and blatant contradictions in his face.


Without question, it will be very interesting to see who Stevenson will choose to face next. Assuming he doesn’t want to invite further ire from the boxing populace, he would be wise to select a name brand opponent. There is a large segment of fans who believe that Stevenson should rematch his last in-ring adversary, Edwin De Los Santos. Despite winning, Fearless put on one of the most mind-numbing, boring performances in recent memory.

Since that dismal showing, Stevenson has gone above and beyond the call of duty to explain that he was injured in that match. And had he not been impaired, the WBC 135-pound champion assured the world it would have been a lop-sided affair. This is precisely why scores of boxing enthusiasts believe that Stevenson should stop talking about it, rematch him and show the world what a healthy Shakur Stevenson is all about.

Sadly, instead of dancing with De Los Santos, Stevenson has chosen to tell gratuitous and easily disproved falsehoods. Its just like when he openly fibbed about retiring when that was complete malarkey from the moment he said it. Let’s hope that the talented boxer gets his story and career straightened out and we have a solid fight announcement soon!

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