Jamel Herring On Fighting Albert Bell: “If It Keeps Me Busy, Why Not?”

Jamel Herring Is Open To Giving Albert Bell His Shot!

Jamel Herring (left), Albert Bell
Jamel Herring (left), Albert Bell

Jamel Herring open to facing Albert Bell late 2020

WBO junior lightweight champion Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring (21-2, 10KOs) is open to facing Albert Bell (16-0, 5KOs) in 2020 if available. He told 3kingsboxing the following:

“Any fight, you know what I mean. I hope I can get y’all up with my man Bo-Mac and he can talk to. But any fight, if it’s available, […] if it keeps me busy why not? It’s not like it’s a fight I’m gon’ sit here and worry about, and it’s no jab against Albert.

“Like I said, I got a lot of respect for Albert and his people […] I’m cool with everybody out there in Toledo. My man Robert Easter Jr just called me a few weeks ago and we chatted up. Tyler McCreary, I was rooting for him when he fought Carl Frampton last November.

“That’s another thing also I seen: Albert, Robert and Tyler all in the same venue in Vegas when Tyler had fought Frampton. Nobody said anything crazy and I was by myself. All of a sudden everybody get in front of the camera they want to say this, that and the third. It’s like, I know y’all personally.

“I don’t see none of this animosity when I’m in the same area. Like I said, Robert, them, they all show love you know what I mean. I can call him him up now and chat it up. But if Top Rank wants to make the fight before the year is over then whatever, but all that other, it’s three contracts and you taking this, come on.

“I want the contract that pays you the most and has the biggest upside in reward anyway.”

As we’ve seen in the past many times, boxers have a way with getting themselves in big fights by talking. With the current state of the world affecting how sports operate, it may be in the favor of Albert Bell. He may have just talked himself into a world title opportunity; especially if boxing continues with no fans in attendance.

3kingsboxing.com will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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