Hughie Fury Dominates 40 Year-Old Mariusz Wach

Hughie Fury Looks Unimpressive In Win

Hughie Fury lands a right hand
Hughie Fury

Hughie Fury dominates but still did not impress!

To some boxing fans, Hughie Fury is one of the more disappointments in boxing. Those particular fans expected the cousin of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury to follow in the aforementioned’s footsteps. But this has not been the case at all!

Every fight that would have propelled him into a world level contender, he lost. Top contenders like Kubrat Pulev, Alexander Povetkin and Joseph Parker have all beaten him. To Hughie’s credit, he did not get stopped in any of these fights and many believed he should have won against Parker.

He will be looking to hit the reset button with an impressive performance against 40 year-old gatekeeper Mariusz Wach.


The younger Fury has been knocked in the past about being a “boring fighter”. In this fight, he lived up to that stigma.

Wach is no longer the dominant imposing figure he was eight years ago. By 2020, he is used more to help give former top contenders a motivational win seeking a return to form. Therefore despite not being known for his power, Fury needed an emphatic win to be taken seriously by the top brass at heavyweight.

While Fury did win every round, he did not look impressive. In trying to apply relentless pressure in an attempt to knockout the giant Polish fighter, he consistently ran into jabs and straight right hands. Though these shots came from a fighter closing in on retirement, taking those punches from a top-level heavyweight repeatedly can get Fury knocked out!

Imagine him running into a straight right hand from Deontay Wilder or Anthony Joshua while trying to get inside. He would only be able to take so many of those!


In round four, a clash of head would open a hellacious cut on the left eyelid of Fury. The gash was massive and the blood was flowing from a terrible spot. A top level contender would have had a field day beating on the open wound. Wach is so much of a shell of himself that he couldn’t capitalize on this. He did try but just couldn’t produce enough volume in-between taking consistent punishment from Fury.

Positives that can be said about Fury is that he did win. Not only that but he won every round and did what he was supposed to do against a gatekeeper borderline in retirement. Unfortunately, it still may not be enough to say he can really contend with any top ten heavyweight.

The good news is, he is only 26 years-old so he has time to hit the reset button yet again!

By: EJ Williams

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