Michael Hunter: “I Would Eat Wilder Alive & Whyte Knows I Can Beat Him”

Michael Hunter doubles down on beating Deontay Wilder and Dillian Whyte

(clockwise from left) Michael Hunter in the ring during a match, Deontay Wilder poses in victory, Dillian Whyte poses for the press
(clockwise from left) Michael Hunter, Deontay Wilder, Dillian Whyte

Michael Hunter doubles down on beating Deontay Wilder and Dillian Whyte

Heavyweight contender Michael “Bounty” Hunter (20-1-1, 14ko) is one of those fighters that is considered high-risk, low reward. However, he continues to believe in his ability to beat former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and WBC Interim titlist Dillian Whyte with ease.

Currently ranked #6 by both the WBC and WBO, he also holds the #2 spot with the WBA. However, his name is hardly mentioned when it comes to fighting for a championship. Hunter took a lot of blowback from Wilder fans for saying he would stop the former champion early.

“I think that I’ll stop Wilder very early! Me and him were Olympic teammates, and I was a heavyweight, and he was a cruiserweight. So that was my only sparring partner, and me and him both know what’s happening.”


He upheld the most sacred rule in boxing by not disclosing the results of the sparring session. Nevertheless, fans took offense to his statement. During an interview with 3kingsboxing.com, Hunter did not hesitate to double down on his previous comment.

“Yeah definitely…Me and Deontay, we know each other. I’ve been in the ring with him. I just feel like I would eat him alive on any day…Deontay always has a it factor because he has a big bomb [the right hand], but mechanically he has the worst mechanics…I just do not see him beating me on my worst day.


Wait, there is more. Hunter also made comments about how easy it would be to make the fight with Whyte.

“As long as I am getting paid, I’m on the right platform (Triller). If they want to put up the money for me and Dillian [Whyte], that would be an easy one to make, on my side.”

Hunter’s name was supposedly on a shortlist of fighters to fight Whyte on October 30. However, Otto Wallin would get the call instead. When asked to elaborate, he was very candid about the situation.

“They were trying to put some publicity out there. My name is always being brought up when Dillian Whyte is there, and they always bring up Dillian Whyte in every interview that I do. So it seems like the people want that fight. I feel the same way I feel about Deontay, that I would whoop him [Whyte], and he knows it.”

Some may get mad at the statements made by Michael Hunter. However, keep in mind, as a fighter, that is what he is supposed to believe. Hopefully, looking at the landscape going into 2022, he will get a chance to back up all the talk eventually.

By: Garrisson Bland

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