J-Rock Williams Calls Foul: “Last Night I Fought 5 People!”

J-Rock Feels Treachery Was Afoot in his Last Match

J-Rock says his loss to Carlos Adames was ruled unfairly
J-Rock says his loss to Carlos Adames was ruled unfairly

Julian Williams Says His Bout With Carlos Adames Was 5 vs 1!

In his last at bat, middleweight fighter Julian “J-Rock” Williams (28-4-1, 16 KO’s) was looking to string together a pair of victories. Williams has not savored back-to-back wins since 2019. As he has become accustomed to doing though, J-Rock put up his half of a very entertaining action-fight against Carlos Adames.

The Philly native doesn’t necessarily take issue with losing, he knows how to take his lumps, however he was miffed at how he lost. In his opinion, referee Charlie Fitch hopped in to halt the bout at an inopportune time. Since the duel has concluded, Williams has even taken offense at the scorecards which he felt were unjustly wide.

Julian Williams says he was treated unfairly


Without doubt, there continue to be very questionable outcomes in the sport of boxing. It doesn’t appear that this will change anytime soon. Said to say, outside of venting on social media, even if there was a proven wrong deed done, there will not likely be any justice for Williams to enjoy. This is especially bad news for J-Rock, 33, considering his age and 13 professional years under his belt.

He simply doesn’t have time to squander on losses, even more so if those defeats were not warranted. Now his white-knuckled grip on his #13 (WBC) ranking is likely to shake loose. On the good side, Williams does have a name in the sport and typically puts on a show that people leave buzzing over. So, if he wants to continue fighting, it should not be hard to find a suitable opponent. The question is though, does Julian “J-Rock” Williams want to continue fighting in the deadly and oftentimes corrupt sport? Time will tell.

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