Luke Jackson Suffers Two Perforated Eardrums

Luke Jackson

Luke Jackson suffers two perforated eardrums against Carl Frampton!

Title contender Luke Jackson who lost to WBO featherweight champion Carl Frampton in 9 brutal rounds suffered several injuries in the stoppage loss. Below is a picture he posted on Twitter of his battered face under the caption:

“You don’t play boxing! Two perforated eardrums – round 3 left ear, round 6 right ear, and then that bodyshot in round 8!”

Luke Jackson face damage
Jackson said he respects the decision of his corner’s decision to stop the fight, and looks to fight another day.

Let this be a lesson to many of the young fighters out there who have aspirations of turning professional. This is a gladiator sport, therefore, use proper discretion and understand the risks taken when making the decision to lace them up!

By: Corey Cunningham

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