John Fury: “Tyson Wouldn’t Beat Povetkin Off That Performance!”

John Fury Blasts Ben Davison!

John Fury
John Fury

John Fury Blasts Ben Davison Over Son’s Performance!

The father of former unified heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, John Fury has went public with his displeasure of what he witnessed last night from his son against Otto Wallin.

The elder Fury was so upset, he suggested Tyson get rid of his whole team, excluding cut man Jorge Capetillo.

John Fury told BTSports Boxing the following:

“I’ve never seen him as bad. He’s a lucky man to get the win. If he’d have been in front of any other man tonight, Wilder, Ruiz, he wouldn’t be coming away the winner.

“He wouldn’t have beat Povetkin on that performance.

“The team being what’s around him now, Ben Davison, whatever he’s got there in charge of the business needs to have a look in the mirror and say, ‘Not good enough at a high level’.

It’s proved it tonight.”

I get the father’s frustrations. His son looked less than stellar and showed real vulnerabilities against a guy who’s clearly not on his level. However, these types of overreactions can cause problems.

There’s a lot of pressure on Tyson Fury and from his father’s comments, you can tell he’s not the only one feeling it.

Truth be told, some fighters are better and tougher than their resume and record indicate. This could be just that with Otto Wallin.

One things for sure is we’ll see if this was simply a blip in the road or something that Fury and his team should be concerned with.

He’ll get to answer those questions in a likely rematch with hard-hitting WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder in 2020.

By: Jerrell Fletcher

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