Junior Welterweight Hugo Alfredo Santillan Passes at 23!

Another Warrior Has Fallen

Hugo Alfredo Santillan
Hugo Alfredo Santillan

Argentine boxer Hugo Alfredo Santillan dies from injuries sustained in July 20 bout!

What was already a gloomy week for boxing has just gotten a bit worse. It has recently been reported that Hugo Alfredo “Dinamito” Santillan (19-6-2, 8 KO’s) has died from injuries suffered in a July 20 bout against Eduardo Javier Abreu.

Santillan was the second boxer to pass away this week.

After the grueling bout went the distance, Santillan passed out just after the reading of the three-way draw judgement of the judges. Dinamito would be immediately rushed to the hospital where he received a pair of surgeries to treat severe skull trauma which lead to a blood clot in his brain.

Ultimately, the surgeries would not be enough to save the young man’s life. Santillan was just 23 years old.


What makes this story even more tragic is realizing that Santillan’s license was suspended at the time of his demise. On June 15, just a month before his untimely passing, the Argentine boxer fought and lost to Artem Harutyunyan.

Even though Santillan suffered a decision point’s loss, it was bad and bloody enough for the German Boxing Federation to suspend his license through July 31. Regardless of the suspension, the Santillan v Abreu prizefight was sanctioned and carried out since the venue would be in Argentina.

A German media source “BildPlus” reported on the incident in which the Argentine boxer was suspended in Germany.

“An absolute madness to let the man box so fast again. Santillan got a protective barrier from us after the tough fight against Artem until July 30.”

Thomas Pütz – President of German Boxing Commission BDB

Just a few days prior to this unfortunate announcement, 3kingsboxing.com reported on another junior welterweight, Maxim Dadashev losing his life in a bout on the same weekend.

Dadashev fought live on ESPN on July 19. Very similar to Santillan, following a very spirited fight in the ring, Dadashev began displaying an array of extremely troubling physical symptoms. Before the Russian boxer could get back to his dressing room he could not walk unassisted, was dizzy and began violently vomiting.

Dadashev was quickly rushed to the hospital were he went into emergency surgery. He would later succumb to his injuries.

Deep, heart-felt condolences are sent out on behalf of 3kingsboxing.com to the families of both warriors.

By: Bakari Simpson

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