Casimero to Inoue: “You’re No Monster! You’re Scared Of Me!”

John Riel Casimero Says Naoya Inoue Is Ducking Him!

John Riel Casimero and Naoya Inoue
John Riel Casimero (left) and Naoya Inoue

John Riel Casimero Claims Naoya Inoue is Running from Him

Ever since winning the WBO Bantamweight title in November 2019, John Riel Casimero (30-4, 21 KOs) has been obsessed with stepping into the ring to face unified Bantamweight champion Naoya Inoue (19-0, 16 KOs).

Inoue vs Casimero was originally scheduled to fight on April 25 in Las Vegas. However, the fight was postponed due to concerns over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Attempts were made to renegotiate the bout but were unsuccessful. Frustrated at the inability to land the fight, Casimero instead went to face Duke Micah on September 26.

The 30-year-old from Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines successfully defended his title with a sixth-round stoppage. Afterward, the three-division champion reiterated a strong desire to fight Inoue who is universally recognized as one of the top Pound-For-Pound fighters.

While the power-punching 27-year-old from Yokohama, Japan is nicknamed “Monster”, Casimero told the boxing media during his post-fight press conference that he’s the real boogeyman of the division.

“Inoue, you’re the monster? Motherfucker, you are no monster! You are a Japanese turtle! He’s scared of me! You’re next!”


Casimero was accompanied by manager Sean Gibbons who went on to claim it was the unified champ who choose to face Jason Moloney on October 31 instead.

Well, Inoue must have either watched or was told what went down. Because the next day, he left an ominous eye-catching post via social media.

This seems to be an indirect clap-back towards the trash-talking Filipino.

Naoya Inoue responds to JohnRiel Casimero via twitter
Naoya Inoue responds to John Riel Casimero.

Can you say shots fired?!?! The beef between these two seems to be very real. For Inoue to respond to a call-out is not his usual modus operandi as he lets his fists do the talking.

If Inoue is successful in his upcoming fight against Moloney, why not attempt to put him and Casimero in the ring in 2021?

With Inoue now signed to Top Rank and on the verge of becoming a mainstream fighter, it would be the perfect fight to take him to the next level. Can you imagine the pre-fight build-up with Casimero taking every opportunity to goad and troll; the fans would eat it up!

This is a budding rivalry. Plus, both men have the style and punching power that would produce a good scrap.

Furthermore it would be a unification, which is always a good thing. As the adage goes, “strike while the iron is hot!”

The time to make this fight is now.

By: Michael Wilson Jr.

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