Lourdes Juarez Claims Another Win Against Diana Fernandez

Lourdes Juarez makes adjustments in the rematch against Diana Fernandez

WBC super flyweight champion Lourdes Juarez at weigh-in for 2021 title defense against Diana Fernandez
Lourdes Juarez

Lourdes Juarez makes adjustments in the rematch against Diana Fernandez

WBC super flyweight champion Lourdes “La Pequeña Lulu” Juarez (32-2, 4ko) is taking on a familiar foe in Diana “La Bonita” Fernandez (23-4, 4ko). The two fighters fought each other before in 2017. Juarez won the first encounter via split decision, with Fernandez hoping to get revenge in this fight. However, Juarez made the late adjustments to pull off another close decision victory.

La Bonita is a good boxer that is a two-divisional championship contender. Despite coming up short on both occasions, she is hoping a third time will finally do the trick. With the WBC championship on the line in this fight, Fernandez wants to show that she is a much better fighter from their first encounter.

Juarez is the younger sister of two-divisional champion/Mexican living legend Mariana “La Barba” Juarez. Ironically, the older Juarez was the WBC bantamweight champion that defeated Fernandez back in 2019. La Pequeña won the WBC flyweight crown by defeating then-champion Guadalupe Guzman in December 2020. She will be making the first defense of the title in this 2017 rematch against Fernandez.


Unlike their first bout, Fernandez came out looking like a different fighter. She used the jab while moving around the ring to keep the fight at a distance and was landing the straight right hand on occasion. However, Juarez added some new tricks, as well. Her defense and counterpunches were top notch for this rematch as she was finding a home for the counter left hook throughout most of the early rounds.

At one point, both women mocked each other, with Fernandez sticking her chin out as if to say, “you can’t touch me”. Meanwhile the champion put her hands on her hips and did a little shuffle.


As the fight went down the stretch, both fighters started making adjustments. Fernandez would fight out of the southpaw stance, landing the straight left hand and attempting to maintain distance with the jab. Juarez was stalking the challenger by cutting off the ring and landing hard overhand rights. She even switched to southpaw and managed landing hard left and right hooks both to the body and head.

Things got intense in the champion’s corner. The older Juarez sister stepped on the apron and started giving instructions to her little sister. It must have woke her up because she began landing even more overhand rights and right hook counters.

Fernandez made one last stand in the championship rounds, going to the body and landing a few good counter hooks. However, Juarez stayed on the gas, landing a left hook and a flurry of body punches once she had the challenger up against the ropes.

One strange moment took place in the final tenth round. As the bell sounded to end the fight, the referee was out of position and the champion raised her hands to signify victory. However, the challenger did not hear the bell and kept punching until the referee realized the fight was over and jumped in to stop the action.

The crowd cheered while awaiting the judge’s decision. One judge saw it 96-94 for Diana Fernandez, as the other two saw it 96-95 and 95-94 for Lourdes Juarez. 3kingsboxing scored it 97-93 for Juarez.

The fight was held inside the same location as their first fight, the Gimnasio Municipal arena. There was an aura of familiarity surrounding the arena as Juarez turned away the challenger in a similar fashion once again via split decision.

By: Garrisson Bland

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