Tyson Fury Apparently Tests Negative For COVID-19

Social Media Up In Arms Over Tyson Fury Developments

Tyson Fury addresses the media; Fury with a couple in Las Vegas; Fury outside a Las Vegas car dealership.
Tyson Fury

What’s The Deal With Tyson Fury And His COVID-19 Status?

“The Internet is Undefeated” is a popular phrase that may apply as it pertains to WBC heavyweight champ Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury (30-0-1, 21ko). The champion and Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-1-1, 41ko) were all set to settle their beef once and for all in a trilogy scheduled for July 24. However on July 9, News dropped of Fury testing positive for COVID-19 which subsequently delayed the bout. Many fans immediately speculated suspicious activity coming from Team Fury.

Now to make matters worse, within a week of his positive test, pictures of the champion out and about in Las Vegas, Nevada began popping up all over social media. This immediately has the boxing community calling “foul!”

Tyson FUry takes picture with unknown couple in Las Vegas after testing postive for COVID-19.
Fury takes picture with unknown couple in Las Vegas.
Tyson Fury takes a picture with unknown man after testing positive for COVID-19.
Tyson Fury takes a picture with unknown man.
Tyson Fury outisde Royalty Exotic Cars after testing postive for COVID-19.
Tyson Fury outside Royalty Exotic Cars after testing positive for COVID-19.

Following this trilogy has been exhausting. It has taken up too much time in boxing over the past year and a half. Since 2020 fans have been dealing with whether or not the trilogy would happen.

On May 17, clarity came after an arbitrator ruled in team Wilder’s favor. This put another exhausting story involving an undisputed clash between Fury and unified champion Anthony Joshua on the back burner.


The Gypsy King will now face Wilder with the rescheduled date of October 9. However, some fans still outraged as the WBC champion was seen in public taking pictures with fans days after the positive test was revealed instead of being quarantined.

Although, according to a report by Fight Freaks Unite on July 13, the Fury tested negative for COVID-19 and has been allowed to travel back home. The first picture of the three above surfaced on July 14. Therefore, there is reason to believe Fury gallivanted all over Las Vegas after he received news of his negative test.

Nevertheless, this does not explain away why the fight had to be rescheduled nearly three months down the line if he is indeed negative. Many speculate that the champ just wasn’t “fight” ready and had to conjure up a excuse. Several fans are all over social media claiming Team Fury released fraudulent information and they are looking for an explanation as to why.

Moving forward, let’s hope October 9 will be the series finale for this ongoing drama show.

By: Garrisson Bland & EJ Williams

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