Katie Taylor Makes Adjustments; Defeats Persoon In Rematch

Katie Taylor Leaves No Doubt In The Rematch!

Katie Taylor Celebrates Victory
Katie Taylor celebrates victory.

Katie Taylor Silences Critics With Definitive Win Over Delfine Persoon

In one of the more anticipated rematches in both men’s and women’s boxing, undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor and former WBC champ Delfine Persoon did not disappoint!

Many who witnessed the war these two waged in June 2019, felt a rematch was warranted. The toe-to-toe action both women produced is one reason. However, the primary reason is many fans did not believe Taylor legitimately won the majority decision that made her the third ever women’s undisputed champion in boxing history!

Both women stated they would look to dominate the rematch prior to entering the ring!


True boxing enthusiasts understand that it is easier for a pure boxer to adjust in a rematch than a brawler. Simply because a brawler is virtually one-dimensional. They have their eyes on the opponent and they constantly pursue them at any cost while keeping the fight at close range.

A boxer typically has more tools in the toolbox. They can fight from inside to mid-range distance or stay on the outside and utilize the entire ring. The latter makes it much easier to set traps on a fighter in pursuit.

This is exactly what Taylor showed throughout the fight!


The opening round literally started where the twelfth round ended in the first fight! Persoon came out guns blazing, trying to impose her size on the smaller undisputed champion.

Meanwhile, Taylor looked to have learned something from the first fight. Instead of sitting in the pocket, she came out behind a jab and immediately utilized movement to judge distance and tire out her aggressive foe. This didn’t come as surprise since the champion showed she would look to be more of a boxer in her last fight against Christine Linardatou, who also has a similar aggressive style as Persoon.

Head movement, footwork, controlling distance, ring generalship and counter punching are the things Taylor focused on against Linardatou. She couldn’t have done a better job in duplicating that performance in the rematch.

Evidence the adjustment Taylor made for the rematch was on the face of Persoon as early as the second round! The jab and the counter right had put a huge knot on the face of the former champion. Additionally, Persoon showed fatigue extremely early as fans could hear the heavy breathing from her corner after only the second round.

Throughout the first half of the fight, it was hard to give a round to Persoon. She was aggressive, however, it was ineffective. The traps Taylor set her up in were masterful and she kept the former champion missing with slick head movement and footwork.

It was clear the Belgian had trouble catching the undisputed champion as she looked a bit wild and missed continuously. However, the silver lining would be she was able to rough Taylor up which would help in sapping the champ’s stamina by the latter rounds.

It wasn’t that the former champion didn’t execute her game-plan well. She did exactly what gave her the success that persuaded many fans in believing she won the first fight. The problem was Taylor’s adjustment was on target and she had a fight in between this one to make sure it would be!


After dominating the first half of the fight with movement and counter-punching, Taylor’s legs started to really feel the pressure. It is very difficult to move around the ring for ten straight rounds while trying to tame a brawler.

Therefore, there were moments where Taylor was in the pocket taking some damage. Actually, Persoon’s best round came in the seventh when she appeared to momentarily stagger the champion after landing a big right hand in close.

Unfortunately for the challenger, there is a reason Taylor is the undisputed champion so early in her career. The skill, the ring IQ and her ability to adjust allowed her to bring herself out of the temporary rut as she would win the championship rounds.

In the end, Taylor clearly showed she was very prepared for this rematch. The judges awarded her a unanimous decision by the scores of 98-93 and 96-94 twice.

3kingsboxing.com scored the fight 97-93.

When asked if she would like to go thirty rounds with Persoon for a trilogy, Taylor responded with a smile:

“Let me rest. Please!”

A rest is definitely in order for the undisputed champion!

By: EJ Williams

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