Alexander Povetkin Gets Dropped Then Shocks Dillian Whyte In 5

Alexander Povetkin Puts Dillian Whyte To Sleep!

Alexander Povetkin at weigh-in
Alexander Povetkin

Alexander Povetkin Comes Back From Two Knockdowns To Stop Dillian Whyte

Arguably the most controversial fighter in the sport, Dillian “The Body Snatcher” Whyte is forced to take on another top level opponent in former WBA “regular” champion Alexander Povetkin as he continues to wait to be mandated as the next fighter to get his shot at the WBC heavyweight title.

Already holding the WBC interim title, he will now fight for the WBC Diamond title. It’s hard to say that the Diamond title will help him in getting mandated, although, Whyte is able to say he has one of the best resumes in the division even though he has never held a major title!

Many frowned upon this match-up simply because Povetkin is forty years of age. To add fuel to that fire, Whyte has been chastised for refusing to fight top contender Luis Ortiz in the past citing he was too old! Now he finds himself in the ring with an older and former victim of rival and unified champion Anthony Joshua.

Therefore, a large part of the boxing community did not have their mouth’s watering for this fight…but were they right too?


This fight looked like Whyte would take a victory walking away. Besides Povetkin’s age, he was getting peppered with the jab and running into beautifully timed shots. Plus he looked really old as the quick footwork and quick hooks he was known for seemed to be in the distant past.

The fight looked routine. Whyte was just better at everything and easily banked rounds without much effort. His game-plan was to tire out the forty year-old and take care of him in the late rounds.

It seemed it would happen earlier as Whyte dropped Povetkin twice in the fourth round. Both from counter shots the old man didn’t seem to see coming. He would recover and survive the round, but it was clear this fight would be over soon.

Indeed it was but not the way we thought!


Early in the fifth round, Whyte continued his routine. Jab, jab, dig to the body, tire the old man out. However, he had a little more pep in his step as he just won a 10-7 round. Unfortunately, getting those two knockdowns may have been the worst thing that could have happened for him.

Boxing purists always talk about how one mistake could lead to the end of a fighter’s night! Especially in heavyweight boxing!

Whyte would get a little too complacent while in range of his dangerous opponent and was countered with a HUGE uppercut after throwing a straight right hand! In the replay, you can see the eyes roll back in the head of the British fighter as his body went stiff on the way tot he canvas.

With his head hanging out of the ring and his arms laying at his side, it was clear the fight was over. No count needed!

The old man did it! After getting dropped twice, he showed how dangerous he still is and got stunning upset!


Reportedly, Whyte had waited one-thousand days to be mandated as a contender for the WBC title. Now all that waiting has seemingly gone down the drain!

Whyte was unavailable for a post-fight interview but his promoter Eddie Hearn took to the cameras. He stated a rematch clause is in the contract for this fight. Therefore, the British heavyweight will immediately be looking to get his revenge and his spot at the top of the WBC rankings.

This has to be a crushing blow for Whyte as he continuously gambled and took risky match-ups after his 2015 defeat to Joshua. However, it appears he rolled a “snake-eyes” when he signed on to fight Povetkin!

On a side-note, this is the second major upset that succeeded undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor defeating rival Delfine Persoon. The rematch of this bout took place on the under-card. The first fight was on the under-card of Joshua’s shocking defeat to former unified champ Andy Ruiz in June of 2019!

Go figure!

By: EJ Williams

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