Scoby Clobbers Carmona; McCalman & Parro Battle To Victories

Kurt Scoby vs Narcisco Carmona Card Recap

Kurt- Scoby vs Narcisco Carmona card winners
Kurt- Scoby vs Narcisco Carmona card winners

Kurt Scoby Stops Carmona; McCalman and Parro Win Decisions

Over the first half of their duel, super lightweight boxer Kurt Scoby (13-0, 11 KO’s) pursued and pressed Narciso Carmona (11-1-1, 6 KO’s) with respectful aggression. Carmona was mainly able to keep Scoby honest with his considerable reach advantage and jab. As the fight progressed, Scoby found himself doing a little better each period through the fourth.

Ironically, just as Carmona was enjoying a great fifth round, he got hit and hurt in the closing minute. Still somewhat shaky, Scoby hounded his wounded foe throughout the first two minutes of the sixth. Then in the final sixty seconds of the round l, Scoby hurt Carmona with straight rights down the pipe and nasty hooks to the head and body. Following an extended period of being ravaged by heavy shots with no return-fire, referee Malik Waleem jumped in to save Carmona from further damage.


Super middleweights Money Powell IV (13-2, 8 KO’s) and Shawn “The Amazing” McCalman (14-0, 7 KO’s) launched and maintained a rather unappealing, cautious pace in their co-main event. Being very mindful of the other’s reach and power, neither boxer was compelled to step on the gas and take the lead. Instead they largely traded pawing jabs and few and far in between heavy shots.

Unfortunately, the two never actually kicked the match into the next gear and staged primarily a safety-first fight. To his credit though, Powell did pick up his activity and mean streak in the final two rounds. When all the dust had settled, the judges ruled 78/74 twice and 79/73 in favor of McCalman.


At the outset, Javon “Pop” Woodard (12-2, 10 KO’s) took control of the fight with his superior hand and foot speed. Lorenzo Parro (23-1, 10 KO’s) quickly adapted in the second round and made it a much more grueling inside fight. By the third round Woodard looked tired, listless and ready to go.

Parro was coming strong and seemingly couldn’t miss his thudding hooks with either hand. To his credit, Pop began using his wheels and ring space greatly to his advantage in the fourth. It seemed that he had successfully weathered the storm of the last period. Over the second half of the match, Woodard maintained a close fight by getting in his fair share of offense. At the end of regulation, the judges ruled it 77/75 for Parro and a 76/76 draw, twice, making it a majority draw.

But by the rules of the OTX Arena however, the match went to an overtime round. Gifted the additional three minutes of action, Woodard emerged from his corner the much fresher fighter. Pop commanded the majority of the round. Yet, Parro did snap his head back on a few occasions at about the final minute mark of the fight and maintained control from then on. When all the dust settled, Parro won a split decision to the tune of 86/85 for Woodard and 86/85 for Parro, twice.

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