Dakota Linger Upsets Kurt Scoby With A Six-Round Stoppage

Kurt Scoby vs Dakota Linger Fight Recap

Dakota Linger upsets junior welterweight prospect Kurt Scoby
Dakota Linger upsets junior welterweight prospect Kurt Scoby

Dakota Linger Overwhelms Kurt Scoby With Pressure

In a junior welterweight war, Dakota “The Lone Wolf” Linger (14-6-3, 10KO) scores the upset by defeating prospect Kurt “Scooby” Scoby (13-1, 11KO).

It was a war from the start of the bell, as Scoby was in the fight of his life against a Linger that came to fight. Both men were throwing bombs and landing hard shots to the roars of the crowd.

For some reason, Scooby abandoned using his boxing skills and traded with the more natural slugger. Despite landing some hard body shots, he was hurt badly with uppercuts.

In round four, Linger landed a barrage of unanswered punches that had the Californian holding on in survival mode until the bell sounded. Over the next two rounds, Scoby did a better job of moving and staying off the ropes to land solid counter shots.

In round six, The Lone Wolf took advantage of Scoby’s lack of head movement and landed brutal uppercuts that changed things back in his favor. Like a shark smelling blood, he attacked relentlessly by raining down uppercuts and body shots.

With Scoby up against the ropes, Linger turned up the attack, landing a barrage of unanswered shots that caused the referee to halt the fight.

Scoby needs to learn how to move his head, use the jab, and deal with a pressure fighter.

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