Bryan Lua Gets A Huge Victory Against Frevian Gonzalez

Bryan Lua's body work was the difference in the fight with Frevian Gonzalez

Bryan Lua
Bryan Lua

Bryan Lua’s body work was the difference in the fight with Frevian Gonzalez

Rising Prospects Frevian “Pequeno Gigante” Gonzalez (4-0, 1ko) and Bryan Lua (7-0, 3ko) are set to square off in a classic Mexico vs Puerto Rico rivalry. Gonzalez is an aggressive Puerto Rican fighter that likes to bang on the inside. He first caught the attention of the boxing community fighting twice inside the Top Rank bubble back in 2020. In this fight, Pequeno Gigante will switch to the Southpaw stance looking to land the counter right hook.

Lua is a polished fighter with power, and he is trained under the watchful eye of trainer Robert Garcia. Lua is an accomplished amateur fighter who has shared the ring with top lightweights Ryan Garcia and WBC champion Devin Haney. Moreover, fans remember him for scoring a meme-style knockout against Luis Norambuena inside the Top Rank Bubble back on September 19, 2020.


The fight started in typical Gonzalez fashion with him being the aggressor and looking to land the overhand right. Lua was using the jab to maintain distance until things broke down and they were fighting in a phone booth.

Both fighters were landing hard punches. Lua was landing hard left and right hooks to the body, looking to slow down the aggressive Puerto Rican fighter. Gonzalez would land a good counter-hook, switching to the southpaw stance. However, Lua fought back landing a double uppercut combined with the right and left hook four-punch combination.


Lua found a groove and was working it to perfection. He was using his footwork to step aside and create angles. Simultaneously, he was landing the right hook and the left uppercut to the belly of his opponent. Gonzalez continued to fight with pure heart, landing the straight left from the southpaw stance. However, Lua’s body punching was the difference in the fight. It slowed down the usual work-rate of the Puerto Rican fighter, whose face was showing signs of taking punishment. Lua punctuated the fight landing a beautiful four-punch combination with the right uppercut, left hook, right uppercut, and left hook before the final bell sounded.

The three judge’s scorecard read 58-56, and the remaining two scored it 60-54. Bryan Lua pulled off a big victory that will see his career moving forward.

By: Garrisson Bland

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