Mayweather vs Golovkin?

Mayweather Coming Back Again?


FloydMayweather officially retired from boxing earlier this year after winning his “Money Fight” against Conor McGregor.

He dispatched the UFC star in the 10th round with a TKO to finish his career at 50-0.

But there have been consistent rumours about a possible rematch between the pair.

Last month Mayweather shared numerous videos of him back in the gym prompting numerous reports that the 40-year-old could be tempted to make another return to the ring. Then yesterday he dropped another video on social media in which he was back in the gym training (link below).

While most fans know that Floyd is and always has been a “gym rat” they also know he does nothing that’s not by design. Is “Money” hinting that he’s coming back or just “working out”? wanted to know so we dug a little farther and got a statement from someone closeto team TMT.

“Floyd would love to add Triple-G to his resume. There’s other options to of course but GGG is a big scalp”

Could it be Floyd wanting to spoil Oscar’s party again or would he wait for the rematch between Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez to take place first? Or is McGregor 2? Honestly what we do know is Floyd didn’t really train for the McGregor fight so the actual training could be a sign? That’s a question no one knows the answer to and right now it’s all speculation anyway but it sure is funto think about…

By: Chris Henderson

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