Tommy McCarthy Wins Glorified Sparring Session By Sixth Round KO

Tommy McCarthy looks good in latest performance

Tommy McCarthy
Tommy McCarthy

Tommy McCarthy looks good in latest performance

In his most recent in-ring effort, Tommy “Mac Attack” McCarthy (18-2, 9 KO’s) successfully defended his EBU European Cruiserweight title by way of sixth round knockout. His opponent, Alexandru Jur (19-5, 7 KO’s), certainly made sure that it was not a difficult task! With his latest win, McCarthy, who is ranked #5 (IBF), #5 (WBA) and #7 (WBC), can now begin looking on to even bigger fights. Obviously, while happy with the European title, McCarthy will now try to position himself for a full world title.


While there was a healthy amount of punches thrown in the first couple of rounds, there was virtually zero memorable action. This was largely due to the fact that Jur was offering next to no resistance and it was McCarthy tossing ninety percent of the leather. Working behind a busy jab, Mac Attack followed his constantly back-pedaling opponent around the ring. By the third round, Jur was essentially on his bike.

As the rounds wore on, McCarthy started employing a greater number of combination punching. Although, it was hard landing many of the shots as a result of Jur’s endless moving and covering up. In the final minute of the fourth, Mac Attack was able to send Jur to the canvas with a well-placed left hook to the body. Jur was obviously hurt by the blow but got to his feet and finished the period well enough. For the fifth round, Jur did a splendid Lance Armstrong impression and rode his bike throughout the period. When he was not in a naked retreat, he was holding.

In the first minute of the sixth, Jur did land a nice overhand right that McCarthy took well. Yet, since it was the only notable offense that he presented throughout the fight, it warranted mentioning. Following the lonely punch, Jur went right back to running like a terrified blonde camping at Crystal Lake. Mercifully for the watching public, McCarthy sent Jur to the canvas again with another left hook to the body. This time Jur meticulously eased himself down, balled up in the fetal position with his face buried in his hands and was counted out.

By: Bakari Simpson

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