Ra’eese Aleem: “If Me And Stephen Fulton Fight, I’ll Dominate!”

Ra'eese Aleem wants Stephen Fulton!

Raeese Aleem (left), WBO Super Bantamweight champion Stephen Fulton
Raeese Aleem (left), Stephen Fulton

Ra’eese Aleem Wants Stephen Fulton to Stop Ducking and Hiding!

Momentarily, a major fight will take place between WBC World Super Bantamweight champion Luis Nery and Regular WBA Super Bantamweight champion Brandon Figueroa. Other than boxing fans, WBO Super Bantamweight champion Stephen “Cool Boy Steph” Fulton (19-0, 8 KO’s) is eagerly awaiting that outcome. Cool Boy is on the edge of his seat because he seeks to challenge the winner in a three-belt unification match. However #1 (WBA) ranked 122-pound fighter Ra’eese “The Beast” Aleem (18-0, 12 KO’s) has his sights set on Fulton.

The Michigan native is not shy about revealing his belief that he is the best in the division and wants the opportunity to display it. He openly admits that Fulton is a gifted boxer. Still, he also maintains that he would trounce him if they ever matched wits in the ring. The Beast is riding a seven consecutive knockout streak and coming off an impressive victory over Vic Pasillas. In that action-packed affair, Aleem was able to floor Pasillas on four separate occasions before the bout was called off in the eleventh. Now Aleem wants to put that type of pressure on Fulton.


For his money, The Beast believes that Fulton is avoiding him, as he told Fight Hub TV:

“Stephen Fulton, you know he is a great fighter, good boxer, but shit if we step in the ring I’ll give him his first loss! He is waiting on the sidelines for the winner of fucking Nery/Figueroa when we should be fighting. It should be the winner of me and Fulton waiting for them…let’s keep it real, every time that I have stepped up I’ve not only won, I have dominated. Me and Fulton fight, I’ll dominate! I’ll win, it’d be action-packed, twelve rounds of excitement, fighting, boxing, not holding, not running. You know, grinding, getting it!

Looking to mince no words, Aleem gave his unfiltered opinion on Fulton:

“The biggest duck is definitely Fulton! He’s a hard worker but he’s had opportunities and everything just given to him. I’ve had to work and grind and claw for every fucking thing. I got to work two times, three times as hard as this dude just to be in the same fucking conversation, and that’s alright. It’s just the way that it is, but that’s another reason why I beat his ass!”

Clearly these are the breathing definition of fighting words! Although, if things unfold the way that Fulton wants, he will be getting the winner of the aforementioned Nery versus Figueroa bout. Said to say it looks like Aleem will have to continue to wait for the showdown he so desperately craves. Yet, it should be fun to see how Fulton responds to this fiery message. If the two do fight down the line, it is sure to be one heated affair!

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By: Bakari Simpson

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