Jessica McCaskill Wins Clinch-Fest in Farias Rematch!

Jessica McCaskill Wins the Rematch

Jessica McCaskill
Jessica McCaskill

Jessica McCaskill Wins Sloppy Affair!

After ten rounds of physical activity WBC and WBA world super lightweight champion Jessica “CasKilla” McCaskill (8-2, 3 KO’s) walked away with a bizarre MD victory. The rather highly anticipated rematch was greatly stained by an overall sloppy and clinch-filled performance of her opponent Erica Anabella “La Pantera” Farias (26-4, 10 KO’s).

It was almost a year to the day when the two initially locked horns and McCaskill first wrenched Farias’ WBC super lightweight strap away. Since that time, La Pantera has only plotted her revenge. Unfortunately, Farias fought like she trained for a Jujitsu match rather than a boxing contest.


The bout opened with good, sustained action. McCaskill pressed the pace, as is her style and temperament to do. Farias returned fire and made a good account of herself. At that point, we seemed to be in for a fun night in the office. To the chagrin of the audience though, beginning in the fourth round, Farias began blatantly holding. Not only was she holding more than throwing punches, she refused to break even when physically prompted by the ref.

To combat the holding, referee Christian Curiel quickly took a point. The holding did not stop. In the sixth round, ref Curiel would oddly take a point from McCaskill in the ninth without warning. The deduction was due to a rabbit punch. While the blow did land behind the head, they were in a clinch and Farias was turning her head.

The choppy, unappetizing clinch fest would persist to the very end of the match. No more points were deducted. Although, they should have been. Farias’ brazen clinching repeatedly drew heavy booing from the crowd. In response, Curiel simply kept ineffectively prying the two apart. He often looked like a babysitter separating warring toddler siblings.

When it was all said and done, hometown boxer Jessica McCaskill claimed the very ugly win.

By: Bakari Simpson

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