Michael Hunter Easily Defeats A Gun Shy Cassius Chaney

Michael Hunter vs Cassius Haney Fight Recap

Michael Hunter picks an easy victory over Cassius Chaney
Michael Hunter defeats Cassius Chaney with ease.

Michael Hunter Cruises To Victory Over Cassius Chaney

After ten absolutely abysmal rounds of non-action, heavyweight Michael “The Bounty” Hunter (23-1-2, 16 KO’s) walked away with an easy unanimous decision win. He snagged the win that was all but gift wrapped by his completely listless opponent Cassius “COG” Chaney (23-2, 16 KO’s). In fact, once the fight was over it will be really hard to justify even paying Chaney for the nonsense that he perpetrated in the ring.

The bout from, round one to round ten, was an absolute carbon copy of one another. During each and every period, Hunter drove Chaney back to the ropes with his jab and once against the straps, The Bounty casually hammered his body with just about any punch that he wanted. Throughout the painful, glorified sparring match, Chaney shook his head and held at five times the rate that he threw actual punches.

Once the fight ended, Michael Hunter was awarded a very predictable unanimous decision win to the tune 100/90 on all three cards. Rated #8 (WBA), Hunter can now go on to look for bigger and better fights. Hopefully his next opponent will function more like an actual fighter instead of a punching bag with two paralyzed arms.

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