Jarrell Miller: “Eddie Needed A Scapegoat! I Became The Scapegoat!”

Jarrell Miller Outs Eddie Hearn!

Jarrell Miller and Eddie Hearn
Jarrell Miller (left), Eddie Hearn

Jarrell Miller: “Eddie is a hypocrite!”

Back in 2019, heavyweight boxer Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller (23-0-1, 20 KO’s) essentially was granted the proverbial heavyweight golden ticket of boxing. This came in the form of obtaining a fight with then-undefeated unified heavyweight champion Anthony “AJ” Joshua (23-1, 21 KO’s).

Not only did Miller get the fight, it would have stood as Joshua’s first professional bout outside of the UK. Then to make things even sweeter, the scrap would have taken place in Miller’s own New York City backyard.

Everything was looking super gravy until Miller was busted for not one, not two but a whooping three substance violations! Once the news of the aggressive cheating hit the headlines, Big Baby’s name turned to mud. He would lose his opportunity to face Joshua, who went on to lose that next fight to Andy Ruiz Jr.


Since Miller was busted for the complex cocktail of banned substances, his life has gotten very much back on track. The Brooklyn native has long since re-entered the boxing social scene. His name is no longer being constantly ridiculed and he even scored a lucrative promotional contract with Top Rank promotions.

A vast army of individuals feel that Miller got off extremely light with a six month suspension. Still, there is nothing more that will come out of the rather outrageous scandal that he has nimbly sidestepped.

One of the people who thought that he should have gotten a far stiffer punishment was his former promoter Eddie Hearn. When confronted with his former fight peddler’s opinion, Miller wasted no time in telling IFL TV that the UK businessman a hypocrite.

“The thing with Eddie is he is a hypocrite and that’s what bothers me about certain things because my whole thing was…I am in contact with people on the Matchroom side and I know people on the DAZN side. So a lot of people hit me saying they wanted to continue working with you and wanted to figure out the situation.

“So out of due respect for DAZN, I’ve never went out in the media. As you can see, before and said anything bad about Matchroom or nothing like that. Even when Eddie was slandering my name in the media, I never went back and said anything crazy because out of respect I said, ‘you know what, okay it’s my fault I made a mistake, cool no problem. I’m going deal with it, suck it up.”


The odd aspect of Miller calling Hearn a hypocrite is how many times his story has changed to date. When he was busted for the first infraction, he said that it was mistake and demanded to be tested again. However, when the multiple dirty tests emerged, then Miller said that he would own up to his wrongdoings.

Lately however, Miller has reverted back to his original story; the case that he had done nothing wrong and merely was a victim of circumstance. This is currently where his talking points are located.

“I was in a corner where I passed my first test, no problem, flying colors. And then when the whole second test came out I said, ‘listen, this is some BS, test me again!’ And that’s when VADA test me again and that’s when the HG and HGH came out.

“But when you start doing your research on it, a lot of people don’t do their homework on these substances. That’s a problem that I understand. Now that I’m talking with VADA and what’s the best way of going and doing these things the proper way.

“What you read on these components or compounds is not exactly what it is. These components are meant to help strengthening of joints, help rebuilding of muscle tissue and that’s what it was in the shot that I had took.”

“You know what it is, because he knew it looked bad on him with DAZN and the whole fight blowing up in his face, he needed a scapegoat. So I became they scapegoat. See what I’m trying to say?

“So I took it for what it is, but like I say at the end of the day I am a real man and I never made no excuses about it…but don’t make it seem like what I did was the worst thing on the planet.”

Putting the controversy to the side, it will be fun to see who Miller can next land a fight with. It will also be informative to see how Big Baby performs when the content of his blood is being scrutinized at an all-time high.

By: Bakari Simpson

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