No Teddy Atlas For Loma/Rigo?

Atlas Not Part Of Ringside Team


In an interesting move by ESPN, longtime trainer and analyst Teddy Atlas will not be part of the broadcast team for this weekend’s big fight between VasylLomachenkoandGuillermo Rigondeaux. Atlas has been involvedin all the other broadcast since Top Rank joined ESPN earlierthis year.

Atlashas had some controversial moments to say the least on a coupleof the shows. He is expected to have a part in a feature forthe show.

Itis unclear at this time why Atlas isn’t on the broadcast but Atlas has been suspended bythe network twicein the past. Once for threatening a crew memberand once for after accusing a program directorof showing favoritismto certain promoters and matchmakers. Both incidents occured in 2008.

By: Chris Henderson

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