Boxing Takes Hit In 2020 Olympics Postponement

2020 Olympic Games Postponed

Delante Johnson (left), Oshae Jones

2020 Olympic Games Postponed

All over the world, the citizens of countless nations are continuing to contend with radical life changes brought on by the global epidemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Virtually all sporting events, social activities and non-essential workers have been sidelined and told to stay at home.

Boxing, like all the other sports, has not been immune to the sweeping effects. All second quarter boxing shows have been scrapped. And it was just revealed that the 2020 Olympics heading for Tokyo has also been postponed.


It should come as no surprise that the Olympic Games were pushed back. However, this decision did not come about as smoothly as some might have believed. Despite the undeniable reality that is living with COVID-19, it appears that the brass within the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was keeping hope alive that the Games could go on. The Games were originally scheduled to commence in July.

However, many of the athletes themselves took offense at the fact that the Games were not flat out pushed back. This animosity was great enough for both Canada and Austria to threaten boycotting the event if it went forward as planned. Their stance being the safety and health of the competitors was paramount. When Britain threatened to join the rebellious stance of Austria and Canada, the IOC’s hand was forced.

“On the basis of the information the IOC has, postponement has been decided. The parameters going forward have not been determined, but the Games are not going to start on July 24, that much I know.

It will come in stages. We will postpone (the Games) and begin to deal with all the ramifications of moving them, which are immense.” ~Dick Pound, IOC member

At the moment, its unknown when the postponed games will take place. Although, currently it looks like next summer is the target.


Postponing the historic event is the most prudent choice in terms of safety. Yet, it still comes as a crushing blow the participants. Fighters like Delante “Tiger” Johnson, 21, out of Cleveland, Ohio were all set to go for Olympic gold in Tokyo. Now, they are forced to wait on the sideline.

Johnson has gained considerable notoriety by way of his blatant skillset and capturing first place honors in numerous national and international tournaments. Since winning the gold at the 2014 Junior Olympics, Tiger has remained something of a tournament winning machine. In his mind, capturing an Olympic medal was simply the next rung on his competitive ladder heading to an inevitable professional career. Now that plan may simply be delayed or forever dashed.

Also amongst the American Boxers in the 2020 Tokyo Games was Oshae Jones hailing from Toledo, Ohio. Jones, 22, has also caused quite the ruckus in the amateur circuit by capturing first place in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Elite National Championships. Ms. Jones also took first place in the 2019 Pan American Games.

Coming from a fighting family, Jones is the sister of hot professional prospect Otha “OJ3” Jones III (5-0, 2 KO’s). OJ3 signed to Matchroom Promotions when he turned pro in early 2019. He has since appeared a number of times on DAZN telecasts. Yet, despite her bright future in the sport, for Oshae Jones, missing out on this opportunity still stings a great deal.

Oshae Jones on Olympics postponement
Oshae Jones on Olympics postponement

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