Otto Wallin Outboxes A Sluggish Dominic Breazeale Over Twelve

Otto Wallin Walks By Dominic Breazeale

Otto Wallin sneers at his opponent
Otto Wallin

Otto Wallin beat a broken Dominic Breazeale that should retire!

In a heavyweight showdown where the winner moves on and the loser’s career could be over, Dominic Breazeale (20-3, 18ko) resurfaced with new trainer Abel Sanchez in an attempt to keep his career off life support against Swedish heavyweight Otto Wallin (22-1, 14Ko).

Brezeale was last seen falling lifelessly to the canvas in the first round against former WBC champion Deontay Wilder in May 2019. It was the last time anyone had seen or heard from the two-time title contender. After disappearing for almost two years, he has resurfaced in a “win-or-go-home” situation.

Wallin is remembered for almost upsetting Tyson Fury in September 2019 before his highly anticipated rematch against Wilder five months later. The Swede landed a beautiful left hand opening up a cut over the right eye of Fury. Although he would lose via unanimous decision, he followed-up with a devastating fifth-round knockout performance against veteran Travis Kauffman in August 2020.


Wallin’s southpaw fighting stance was giving Breazeale serious trouble. He was able to land the straight left hand and was very successful fighting off the back foot countering his taller opponent.

Although the two-time championship contender was able to get Wallin against the ropes, it was clear he was looking to land one big punch. This made it easy for the Wallin, as he was able to slide to the side landing quick counter-punches and avoiding any return fire. Breazeale was trying to stalk his opponent but was getting hit with the jab and counter hook as he continued to stay on the center-line without moving his head.

This was the tone and pace for the entire fight. The Swede easily used his footwork to avoid danger and landed nice shots on his aggressive but gun-shy opponent. He even doubled up on the straight left hand a few times, while moving to the side avoiding the extremely slow punches from a tired off-balance Breazeale.

In the middle rounds, the American found some success utilizing the uppercut whenever Wallin was against the ropes. However, he couldn’t avoid the straight left hand and was beginning to look lethargic. Furthermore, his right eye was closing from taking too many punches. Wallin looking fresh and continued to move and counter while ducking out of the way from wild incoming shots.


Breazeale had his best round in the ninth round bullying Wallin against the ropes. he was able to land good body shots coupled with the overhand right. This seemed to have buzzed the Swedish fighter as he was hesitant to engage after that onslaught. However, he was able to regain control landing the jab and sidestepping before firing the straight left hand.

Breazeale was able to maul his opponent against the ropes landing good shots to the head. But those punches were more arm punches with no pop on them. Although, he was still able to land the uppercut. Wallin was not as aggressive and looked tired from having the bigger man leaning on him against the ropes. Regardless, he was still countering and moving to the side while landing combinations.

This was easily the American’s best round but it was not enough as he could not follow up in the upcoming rounds before the final bell. This fight was an easy victory for Wallin as he dominated virtually from pillar to post!

The final scorecards were 116-112, 117-111 and 118-110 all for Wallin. Currently he is ranked #14 and #15 by the IBF and WBA respectively. Since this is arguably the best win of his career, Wallin may be looking at a small boost in the rankings.

Meanwhile, Breazeale will have to seriously reevaluate if he should continue to fight. Mentally he did not look good and may have not recovered from that devastating knockout he sustained from Wilder.

By: Garrisson Bland

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