Tamao Ozawa Could Unify 115 If Miyo Yoshida Declines Rematch

What's Next for Tamao Ozawa

Tamao Ozawa defeats Miyo Yoshida
Tamao Ozawa defeats Miyo Yoshida | Credit: Naoki Fukuda

Tamao Ozawa Could Look for Unification If Miyo Yoshida Doesn’t Want Rematch

The super flyweight division in women’s boxing has crowned a new WBO champion. Tamao Ozawa (17-5, 6KO) took the title away from Miyo Yoshida (15-3). Moreover, Yoshida narrowly lost the title by a split decision, bringing up the possibility of a rematch. Or, Ozawa could look for unification.

Yoshida grabbed the championship in her first crack at the title by defeating Casey Morton back in 2019. However, in 2020 and 2021, she found herself in a similar situation, losing the title only to win it back from Tomoko Okuda.

The former champion’s typical slow start came back to haunt her in this fight as Ozawa, coming off a three-year layoff, started fast out the gate. Furthermore, Yoshida was the heavy favorite and was overwhelmed by Ozawa’s hand speed and aggression.


Yoshida will undoubtedly look for the rematch. As previously mentioned, she has been in this situation before and will have to go back to the drawing board for a better game plan. The 34-year-old, for the second time, struggled against an opponent many believed she was better than.

Ozawa, who came up short in two previous title attempts against Su Yun Hong and Raja Amasheh in 2017 and 2018, has options if a rematch does not take place. She can look to do a unification with some of the other champions in the division such as IBF champion Micaela Lujan. That bout would produce some fireworks.

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The 37-year-old is no stranger to traveling as she has fought in Mexico and can go back to the country to fight the division’s longest-reigning champion in WBA belt holder Maribel Ramirez. However, Ozawa may want to get revenge and look to fight legendary fighter Mariana Juarez, who defeated her back in 2016. The WBO champion could even choose to exact vengeance against Mariana’s sister, the WBC champion Lourdes Juarez in a major unification.

Ozawa needs to look to take advantage of this accomplishment, as the clock is ticking on her career and the time to strike is now.

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By: Garrisson Bland

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