Porter: “Boots Is Overrated! He Hasn’t Fought Any World Champions Yet!”

Shawn Porter is Not Sold on Jaron Ennis Just Yet

Shawn Porter speaks on Jaron Ennis
Shawn Porter speaks on Jaron Ennis

Shawn Porter Says Jaron Ennis is Overrated by Boxing Fans

Former two-time welterweight champion “Showtime” Shawn Porter (31-4-1, 17 KO’s) has transitioned from boxing into broadcasting. However, he turned social media upside-down with his recent comment on top welterweight contender Jaron “Boots” Ennis (28-0, 26 KO’s) being overrated.

Porter retired from boxing following a heartbreaking defeat to WBO champion Terence “Bud” Crawford in November 2021. The boxing community was shocked to hear his abrupt announcement during the post-fight interview.

Showtime has enjoyed being one of the few fighters well-liked by virtually everyone in the sport. One of his more admirable qualities is the fact he has no filter when speaking his mind. So when he said that Ennis was overrated, it almost broke the internet, with fans wondering if Porter was speaking out of jealousy.


Ennis is considered as an uncrowned champion in waiting. While the boxing world is waiting to see the mega-showdown between unified champion Errol “The Truth” Spence, and WBO champion Crawford, Boots has been running over all challengers, leaving a pile of bodies in the aftermath.

Now, in fairness to Porter, Ennis has hinted at being able to stop the former two-time champion in the past. A sentiment shared by many inside the boxing community is that Ennis is able to stop virtually everyone in the division.


During the Porter Way Podcast, Porter explained his statement in detail.

“Boots is overrated and this is why I say he’s overrated. Everybody is so hyped-up on him, but he hasn’t been in the ring with any world champions yet.”

Porter made it clear he dubbed the Philadelphia fighter as the closest thing to legendary fighter Roy Jones Jr. However, he takes issue with people saying that Boots smashes everyone.

“Every name that you throw out, ‘oh Boots will smash him’. Damn, like let the fight happen! […] don’t blatantly ‘boots will smash’ everybody in the 147-pound division.”

Porter would re-adjust his statement, providing more clarification.

“Let me clean it up. I believe that Boots is overrated in everybody’s mind because the way that everybody talks about Boots.”

Porter dropped a post to make it clear there are no plans on coming out of retirement to fight Boots.

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By: Garrisson Bland

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