Kenny Porter: “Shawn Doesn’t Need Any More Belts”

Kenny Porter: "We Don’t Fight For Titles"

Kenny Porter and Shawn Porter
Kenny Porter and Shawn Porter

Kenny Porter: “We Don’t Fight For Titles”

Whenever they’re asked, both boxer Shawn “Showtime” Porter (30-3-1, 17 KO’s), along with his father and chief second, Kenny Porter have always maintained they were in this game for legacy fights. Sure, they have obtained belts before and they are happy that they did. However, those trinkets were never the main motivator.

Like the Predator species that went to war with Danny Glover and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Porters are more intrigued by facing the most deadly advisories available more so than collecting belts. And even worse, as Kenny Porter revealed to ThaBoxingVoice, the financial obligations that come with the belts are another major turnoff.

“I’m not being mean, I am not against any sanctioning bodies. I got great relationships with a lot of people that are involved, the WBC especially. But if you’re telling me that these belts that I have here have easily cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars and when it’s over and said and done, he doesn’t get anything back in return, we don’t need any more belts.”


To drive the point a bit further home, Kenny Porter let it be known that they would be perfectly fine facing the top names in the welterweight division without a belt being on the line.

“It’s not something that I have to have, we don’t have to fight for a title. I’ll fight Errol Spence, Manny Pacquiao, Keith Thurman because of who they are, you know, so. However they decide to go about doing this it, it’s up to them, but I’m not going to be jumping up and down saying, ‘you got to put the title on the line!’ No, you just got to put the right amount of revenue, put the safety together, make sure everybody is doing the things that they’re supposed to be doing and let these guys fight.”

It will be interesting to see if this willingness to face top names, without a title on the line, will make it any easier for Showtime to obtain the dangerous prizefights that he and his father really want to sign with.

By: Bakari Simpson

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