Kenny Porter: “Shawn Has To Fight This Year! We NEED To Fight!”

Kenny Porter Can't Wait To Get Shawn Porter Back Into The Ring!

Shawn and Kenny Porter
Shawn and Kenny Porter

Kenny Porter says Shawn Porter is fight ready due to home gym!

Provided that everything goes according to plans, the boxing world is gearing up to resume staging bouts sometime this summer. While this is a wonderful notion to hang onto, there is one troubling question:

“who is going to ready when those calls come?”

Along with shutting down the actual fight cards, boxing gyms and training facilities have also been all but boarded up since this COVID-19 ordeal first began. As a result, traditional preparation protocols and sparring as most fighters knew it came to a screeching halt.

So when those first batch of fight cards are being made it will be very interesting to see what fighters were able to maintain themselves during this extremely awkward time period.

It should come as no surprise that Kenny Porter, father and trainer of former IBF and WBC welterweight champion Shawn “Showtime” Porter (30-3-1, 17 KO’s), insisted that his son will have no problem being ready when the call comes.

Two of Showtime’s most vexing in-ring weapons are his impressive stamina and dizzying work rate. Over the years, his intense style and grueling training regimen have become a thing of lore.


Unwilling to allow the present state of affairs to hamper his physical maintenance, Porter, along with his father and strength & conditioning coach Larry Wade, have migrated their training program from the gym to their very own backyard.

Luckily, before the world was seized by the pandemic Kenny Porter was already plotting on establishing a workout facility at home. Now, in an exclusive interview with the ThaBoxingVoice, Kenny Porter explained how Shawn has remained in exceptional shape due to this newly constructed area.

“Prior to the quarantine, I had planned on doing my own personal training center here at home. That was the plan. As the weather began to get warm I was going to start pushing it and bringing things in from storage that I had in the performance center and we were going to get it set up real nice here.

“Well this happened and it expedited the process and so I’ve had a lot of things done here since then. That was all part of a plan before this happened but now that it is here it kind of works out really good for Shawn.

“No! It works out great for Shawn!”

Given Showtime has not missed a beat in terms of training, it only falls in line to hear that Kenny would love to get him in the ring again this year.

“If you minimize the people that are involved, if you put together a protocol of safety, and of course are following the government guidelines and things like that and making sure that everyone is testing and everything, I don’t see a reason why we shouldn’t be fighting this year.

“I want to fight this year! We got to fight! We need to fight!”

By: Bakari Simpson

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