Price Cruises To Victory Over McCaskill; Unification Possibly Next

Jessica McCaskill vs Lauren Price fight recap

Lauren Price remains undefeated after dethroning Jessica McCaskill
Lauren Price remains undefeated after dethroning Jessica McCaskill

Lauren Price Remains Flawless With Win Over Jessica McCaskill

Newly crowned WBA welterweight champion Lauren Price (7-0, 1KO), easily took the title away from Jessica “Caskilla” McCaskill (12-4-1, 5KO) by unanimous decision.

As these rounds went by quickly, Price controlled the fight in early rounds with fast combination punches. She kept the fight at mid-range and never allowed Caskilla to get into a rhythm.

The WBA champion likes to bullrush opponents and make it a dogfight. However, she was unable to do so as Price would immediately hold, causing the McCaskill to reset in the middle of the ring.

Price continued boxing at a distance as her confidence grew with each passing round. With McCaskill’s left eye swelling from a clash of heads, it became a target for the 2020 Olympic gold medalist.

As the fight continued, McCaskill began to slow down and showed every bit of being 39 years old. The speed, angles, footwork, and combination punches overwhelmed the Chicagoan.

The referee stopped the fight at the beginning of the ninth round per the doctor’s advice regarding McCaskill’s grossly closed left eye. Since the fight went beyond four rounds, it went to the judges, and they all saw it 90-89 for Price.

Price may look to battle champions IBF Natasha Jonas, WBC Ivana Habazin, or WBO Sandy Ryan in a unification.

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