Prograis on McGregor: “I’d Fight That Mothafucka For Real!”

Regis Prograis is Serious About Fighting Conor McGregor in the Cage!

Regis Prograis and Conor McGregor
Regis Prograis (left) and Conor McGregor (right).

Regis Prograis doubles down on Conor McGregor challenge!

When former UFC champion Conor “The Notorious One” McGregor challenged actor and manager Mark Wahlberg to a fight, Regis “Rougarou” Prograis was more than willing to defend his manager’s honor.

It was not the first time that McGregor attempted to lure Wahlberg into the octagon. Still, Prograis felt some way about it.

In response, the WBA super lightweight champion opted to make a challenge of his own. Rougarou publicly stated he would love to fight the Notorious One in the boxing ring and in the cage.

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Regis Prograis Defends Mark Wahlberg; Issues Challenge to Conor McGregor!


Outside of Holly Holm and more recently Amanda Serrano and Amnat Ruenroeng, very few boxers have migrated from the ring to the cage and enjoyed much success.

James Toney, Ray Mercer and Ricardo Mayorga either famously lost or had very short undefeated careers when they tried their hand at cage fighting.

Perhaps Prograis was so comfortable with the call out because he already has some formal cage training under his belt. Even though boxing is his native battleground, he feels McGregor would not possess an insurmountable advantage in the cage.

“I’d fight that mothafucka [McGregor] for real. I’m dead serious. People talking about, ‘you wouldn’t fight him’.

“I feel like I’d be the only world champion right now, current world champion in boxing that’s willing to go to the cage because I know how to do it too.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I would definitely respect the sport because it’s fucking hard.

“So, if that fight ever did come to fruition, shit I’d train my ass off for that. It’ll have to be like, give me 6, 7, 8 months just to fuckin train for that and then I’ll do it.”

No Small Feat

Yet, make no mistake about it. Prograis does realize that he would be out of his element if he was to face the Irish bad boy in the octagon. Rougarou openly acknowledges that in the event of the bout happening, he would need a bit more time than usual to prepare.

As of the time that this piece was published, McGregor has yet to formally respond to Prograis’ challenge.

So, it’s rather unlikely that anything will come of it. However, if the potential bout did grow some legs and begin moving closer to reality, this would be a fun and intriguing bout.

By: Bakari Simpson

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