Jesus Ramos Dominates Javier Molina For UD Win

Jesus Alejandro Ramos captures UD win over Javier Molina

Jesus Ramos
Jesus Ramos

Jesus Alejandro Ramos captures UD win over Javier Molina

Rising contender Jesus Alejandro “Mono” Ramos (16-0, 14 KO’s) put in another solid performance with his win over Javier “El Intocable” Molina (22-4, 9 KO’s). With the unanimous decision win, Ramos’ current streak of five consecutive knockout wins was brought to a close. This was unsurprising given the fact that Molina had never previously been stopped within the distance. At just twenty years of age, the professional future of Ramos is exceedingly bright. Molina has now suffered back-to-back losses.


The southpaw Ramos opened the bout applying a great deal of pressure even. Although, there was not a great deal of meaningful action. Mono stalked behind a high guard and kept his peppering jab in Molina’s face and shot it to his body as well. In response, Molina near constantly circled the perimeter of the ring very close to the ropes. During the third, round Ramos remained busy with the jab. However, he also started regularly digging to the body with a two-fisted hooks attack. In retaliation, Molina threw a number of left hooks to the head. Unfortunately for him, for the better part of it, they were blocked.

The constant pressure and double-fisted body assault was beginning to make Molina visibly uncomfortable in the fourth. More importantly, the body work was starting to bring his hands down, allowing Ramos to score a number of solid hooks to the head. To his credit, Molina connected with a pair of his own crisps hooks to the head in the final fifteen seconds of the period. Ramos ate them well and smiled in appreciation.

While the volume of punches did not diminish during the sixth, Molina did not circle quite as much. As a result, the two men stood in front of each other and traded shots the most freely of the fight. Ramos was still getting the better of the action but absorbed a number of left hooks to the cranium. The pace and punishment appeared to start taking its toll on Molina in the seventh. During this period, the two fighters were by far the most physical of the night. There was a notable amount of pushing, grappling and pushing elbows to the neck. In the final minute of the round, referee Gerald White abruptly took a point away from Molina for hitting in the back of the head.

It would be an exaggeration to say that Javier Molina got on his bike, but he was certainly much more mobile throughout the eighth. Perhaps feeling the pressure of the moment for the first time, Molina consistently came forward for the first minute of the ninth round. For the better part of it, the two competitors held a stand-off center-ring for most of the period. Despite this change in dynamics, there was not a great amount of significant action. Molina did sink a strong right hook into the center of Ramos’ face, which he took well. For his part, Ramos was content to pump his jab and shoot straight rights to the torso.

The final round greatly mirrored the ninth except for the fact that Molina was once again slinking along the perimeter of the ring again. When the cards were read, Ramos won a predictable unanimous decision win.

By: Bakari Simpson

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