Rolando Romero On Devin Haney: “He Is Chinny; The Amir Khan Of 135!”

Rolando Romero Responds To Devin Haney

Rolando Romero with the WBA Interim title; Devin Haney scoffs at a comment; Amir Khan looks towards the media.
From left to bottom right: Rolando Romero, Devin Haney and Amir Khan

Devin Haney & Rolando Romero Need To Fight!

In boxing, some rivalries go beyond promotional trash talk. It becomes personal on a level where the only thing fighters can do is settle it in the ring. This is the situation with WBC lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (26-0, 15ko) and WBA Interim titlist Rolando “Rolly” Romero (14-0, 12ko).


This rivalry can be traced back to when they both used to train in the Mayweather Boxing gym. In 2020, things kicked off when The Dream took to social media clowning the WBA Interim titlist.

“Do y’all really want me to fight sorry ass Rolly? Like he fucking sucks bro! The nigga sorry as fuck! If I fight him, it will be an easy fight.”

Haney would then release a highlight reel video of him dominating the Rolly in sparring. Furthermore, he continued attacking the boxing skills of his divisional rival.

“Rolly is next-level shitty.”

Ironically, the WBC champion’s insults generally came after Romero’s performances in fights. However, Rolly would clap back on occasions calling Haney the biggest bitch in boxing. Now, in 2021 things have not cooled down between these two fighters.


Following a mugging by Romero against replacement fighter Anthony Yigit. Haney took to social media once again clowning his arch-rival.

“Rolly is a pile of shit.”

During the post-fight interview, Romero responded to the comments by questioning Haney’s ability to take a punch.

“I’ll fight Devin Haney shit. He is chinny as hell he got hurt with Venum gloves. Not only did he just get hurt, he did not even recover. It was like four rounds, and he did not recover. Linares is nowhere near a puncher like me. Haney is probably the chinniest fighter at 135, if not one of the most in the sport. He is the Amir Khan of 135.”

Shots Fired! For those that know will understand why this comparison to Khan is significant. He is known for having little to no punch resistance. The former junior welterweight champion has either been knocked out, knocked down, or severely hurt whenever hit flush on the chin. Even by some woeful punchers in the sport.

Romero is referring to when Haney was defending the title against three-divisional champion Jorge Linares back in May. Towards the end of the tenth round, the Dream was clipped hard on the chin by Linares’ trademark compact right hand as he stumbled to the corner visibly hurt. In addition, he was on wobbly legs looking to hold throughout the last two rounds of the fight.

Fans in attendance broke out in “boos” while many on social media questioned his recuperating powers. It was not a good look but in fairness, it was the first time Haney was ever caught flush as a pro, and he wanted to make it an exciting fight by fighting in the pocket instead of the usual boxing from a distance.

Nonetheless, at some point, these two rivals need to stop the verbal back and forth, make the fight and settle this in the ring.

By: Garrisson Bland

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