Rolando Romero: “Fuck Princess Ryan Garcia; It’s Rolly vs Pitbull!”

Rolly Romero vs Isaac Cruz Coming Next?

Rolly Romero vs Isaac Cruz to potentially clash in 2024
Rolly Romero vs Isaac Cruz to potentially clash in 2024 | credit: PBC

Rolly Romero Rips Team Garcia in Shift Towards Isaac Cruz

Following his controversial victory over Ismael Barroso, WBA junior welterweight champion Rolando “Rolly” Romero (15-1, 13 KO’s) largely fell out of the limelight. A great deal of attention was recently funneled his way when social media tycoon “King Ry” Ryan Garcia swerved a duel with WBC 140-pound champion Devin Haney in order to chase Romero. That decision apparently blew up in Garcia’s face as now Romero is looking to clash with Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz (25-2-1, 17 KO’s).


With Romero moving on from Garcia, Cruz is not a horrible choice. To date, both Cruz and Romero staged their career best bout versus WBA lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis. Each lost their contest. Cruz would come up short by way of unanimous decision, while Romero was snuffed by way of six round annihilation.

In Pitbull, Rolly has an opponent that has a recognizable name and is a stablemate. Stylistically, this would seemingly make for a great clash due to each possessing good pop in their mitts. And despite Rolly holding a belt, both are in need of a quality win.

Yet, just as Ryan Garcia once again hyped up two more fights that didn’t come fruition, lets see if Romero vs Cruz achieves any realistic traction in legitimate negotiations. In the meantime, stick close to 3Kings Boxing for all late breaking boxing news, intelligent commentary and intriguing perspectives.

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