Romero On Haney: “I’d Rather Go After PPV Than A Fucking Pussy!”

Rolando Romero continues sounding delusional and kicked in the head

Rolando Romero, WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney
Rolando Romero (left), Devin Haney

Rolando Romero continues sounding delusional and kicked in the head

Once again lightweight boxer Rolando “Rolly” Romero (14-0, 12 KO’s) is making a public spectacle of himself. And to be clear, it’s not in a good way. For quite some time, Romero has called for a fight with WBC lightweight champion Devin “The Dream” Haney (26-0, 15 KO’s). Haney has famously struggled to obtain a top tier opponent ever since he was awarded the WBC title that Vasiliy Lomachenko vacated. With this being the case, a quick showdown with a visible, loudmouth such as Romero could be just what the doctor ordered. Admittedly, Haney has basically nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Romero’s interim WBC title brings zilch to the table. Despite his notoriety in boxing circles, Rolly’s skillset is often the butt of jokes and subject of unmerciful ridicule. Said to say, The Dream would not get any real credit for handily beating Romero because most feel that’s what should happen. Yet, if Haney were to look bad, or lose, then his whole boogeyman image would burn to ash in one night. Even with this being the case, Team Haney is all for making the fight. The maddeningly vexing element in this whole equation is the fact that it’s Rolly who refuses to pull the trigger.


After having seemingly talked up on the major title fight, Rolly has done a complete about-face. Rather than eagerly pursuing a final contract, Romero is ducking the fight harder than Gizmo does high noon sun and midnight snacks! Quizzically, as Romero told to Fight Hype, he was the one with all the juice at the negotiating table.

“They don’t want the fight that much from what I am hearing. They’re asking for too much fucking money! More money than Devin’s worth because he doesn’t even fill up an arena. The fucking star right there is me. The one that is filling the crowds, the exciting fighter there is me! Or am I wrong? I’m not even going to let you answer that question! We know what it is.

He’s asking for 8 million dollars, 5 million dollars, he ain’t going to get that shit! Motherfucka can’t even fill up a fucking seat! So you know what, you going to waste my time, I’d rather go after the big fish because at least [Gervonta Davis] Tank is a real champion. I can talk all the shit I want about him, but he is a 130-pound world champion, a 35-pound world champion, 40-pound world champion, two-time 30-pound champion. Would I rather go after pay-per-view or a fucking pussy?”


Yet, just when you thought it couldn’t get any sillier, Romero snaps into action. He was asked, “even if the money was on point, would you fight Haney then?”

“It doesn’t matter, I’d rather fight Tank than Haney…they need me, I sell fucking fights, he don’t!”

One thing that is glaringly obvious is the fact that no 135-pound top dog is calling for Romero but Devin Haney. First and foremost, neither regular WBA 135-pound champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis nor his team is thinking about Romero. Past that, Lopez has every belt but Haney’s and he seemingly refuses to take a Haney fight seriously. Rather than face him, Lopez prefers to call Haney the ‘email champion’ and continues to lie about being undisputed. It should be no great shock that Romero and Lopez are great friends.

It’s also irritating that Romero keeps saying he sells ticket and is this great star but has yet to even headline a fight card, let alone sell a significant pay-per-view. Again, outside of Haney, no one of any note is even mumbling his name. Bravado is one thing, lunacy is another. If Rolando Romero is not going to fight Devin Haney, he really needs to stop talking about him. That or he needs to hire a top flight publicist immediately!

By: Bakari Simpson

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