Garcia Corrects Hopkins: “I Said Parts Of My Team Didn’t Have Loyalty”

Can Ryan Garcia and Golden Boy Promotions Resolve Their Differences?

Ryan Garcia responds to an attack from Bernard Hopkins
Ryan Garcia (L), Bernard Hopkins with Oscar De La Hoya

Ryan Garcia Says Bernard Hopkins is Attacking Him Over Disloyalty Accusations

Top junior welterweight contender “King” Ryan Garcia (23-1, 19KO) finds himself in continued conflict with his promotional company, Golden Boy Promotions (GBP). In the latest episode, Garcia responded to criticism from GBP executive Bernard Hopkins, who accused him of making excuses for his loss.

During a recent appearance on The Spit Bucket Podcast, Hopkins contrasted Garcia’s reaction to his defeat with how Golden Boys Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya handled similar situations in the past.

“The blame game and responsibility and ownership – that’s the man in Oscar and that’s the boy in Ryan . . . we talking about how do you handle a situation of this magnitude as a man or as a whining boy blaming everybody that you can blame.”

Upon learning of Hopkins’ comments, Garcia swiftly took to social media to clarify his position. He made it clear that he never made excuses for his loss but instead called into question the loyalty of Golden Boy Promotions.

Ryan Garcia responds to Bernard Hopkins taking jabs at him


Since his defeat to WBA Regular lightweight champion Gervonta Davis, Garcia and De La Hoya have engaged in an ugly public exchange on social media.

To exacerbate matters, both parties have entered into a legal battle over a breach of contract. This isn’t the first instance of conflict, as they came close to parting ways when Garcia voiced his grievances in 2019.

While cooler heads prevailed in their previous dispute, reconciling this time around won’t be easy. In the ever-dynamic world of boxing, where alliances and loyalties can shift, only time will tell if Garcia and Golden Boy can find common ground or if their differences have pushed them past the point of no return.

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