Saunders on Andrade: “I Am Confident Of Knocking Him Out Cold”

Demetrius Andrade and Billy Joe Saunders need to fight

Billy Joe Saunders (left), Demetrius Andrade
Billy Joe Saunders (left), Demetrius Andrade

Demetrius Andrade and Billy Joe Saunders need to fight

Social media is the place where everyone seems to go and have a war of words. Yet, rarely do these outbursts result in a fight. This brings us to WBO middleweight champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (29-0, 18ko), and WBO Super-middleweight champion “Superb” Billy Joe Saunders (30-0, 14ko).


Once again these two champions are trading verbal jabs on social media. Moreover, it is time for them to finally settle this in the ring. This situation has been dragging on since 2019, when the WBO ordered then middleweight champion Saunders to face the current two-divisional champion from Rhode Island.

The fight was canceled as Superb tested positive for a banned substance. Team Saunders claimed it was from the use of common nasal spray. Furthermore, the British boxer abandoned the whole division when he decided to fight for the vacant WBO super middleweight title against relatively unknown Shefat Isufi (30-4-2, 22ko).

This move left a very bad taste in the mouth of the talented 32-year-old WBO middleweight champion. He also was not surprised when his rival pulled out of a fight with boxing megastar Canelo Alvarez. Furthermore, during an interview with iFL TV, Andrade called the British boxer “A Clown.”

Now, Andrade’s desire to face the British champion has never wavered, as he was willing to move up if it meant getting a fight with his rival. He took to social media telling his rival to pick up the phone and the response from Superb was an uninspiring suggestion that Andrade drop his belt first.


There is a good reason for fans to feel a little confident about these two champions finally stepping in the ring this year, as both men were on social media going at it again. However, this time Boo Boo feels he has the WBO super middleweight champion trapped in a corner.

Saunders kicked things off with a tweet calling for his fellow stablemate to step up. Of course, this did not go unanswered, as Andrade was quick to respond.

Billy Joe Saunders calls for Demetrius Andrade to come fight him
Billy Joe Saunders calls for Demetrius Andrade to come fight him
Demetrius Andrade responds to Billy Joe Saunders' call out
Demetrius Andrade responds to Billy Joe Saunders’ call out

Now here is where it gets very interesting.

During an interview with iFL Tv, Superb claimed he could not only beat Andrade, but believes he could knock him out.

“I swear to God on my kid’s life and she is sitting on my lap, I am very supremely confident of literally knocking him out cold, very, very confident. I love boxing southpaws, I love boxing someone like his style. I’ve got a very, very good record against southpaws, I would love to give him a hiding. Eddie Hearn, make the fight. Let’s get it on.”

Upon hearing this, Boo Boo took to social media. This was music to his ears and fans can only hope after all this, a fight will finally take place.

Demetrius Andrade says fight with Billy Joe Saunders is a done deal
Demetrius Andrade says fight with Billy Joe Saunders is a done deal

By: Garrisson Bland

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