Selby Fight In Jeopardy As Opponent Is Missing

Eduardo Ramirez a no show?


This weekend’s fight between IBF champion Lee Selby and undefeated challenger Eduardo Ramirez will not be a title fight and now appears to be in jeopardy of happening at all.

Yesterday Ramirez missedthe required check weight by four pounds. The British Boxing Board requires a fighter to be within 4 poundsof their required limit and Ramirez was eight pounds over.

Now Ramirez seems to be missing more than just his required weight as he has literally gone missing according to promoter Frank Warren:

We’ve got to find the opponent, he’s gone on the missing list. That’s why we started [the press conference] late. We’ve been looking for them in their hotel room, they’re not in there. All their kit’s in there. They’ve disappeared. Hopefully they’ll be here.”

As far asRamirez’s status with his weight and the titleshot, Warrensaid:

“Just to get the record correct, they weighed in four pounds over the check weight yesterday, which means he’s eight pounds over weight going in. The British Boxing Board of Control said he cannot come in any lower than 9st 2lbs for health and safety reasons, for his own health.”

And if the fight goes ahead, I’m sure it will go ahead, Lee will remain champion whatever the result of that fight. That’s from the IBF. So we’ve got a bit of a problem at the moment, hoping this fella will show up. His kit’s in the hotel. But him and his team are all on the missing list. To say it’s unprofessional is an understatement but we are where we are.”

When asked about the situation Selby said:

It is frustrating but to be honest in my career, this last year leading up to fights, nothing shocks me no more. I just remain professional, look after myself, make sure I’m on weight and I’m ready to fight.”
By: Chris Henderson

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