Shakur Stevenson: “Y’all See A God In Berchelt, I Don’t See it!”

Shakur Stevenson sets his sights on Miguel Berchelt

Shakur Stevenson
Shakur Stevenson

Shakur Stevenson sets his sights on Miguel Berchelt

For a rather extended period of time, WBO world featherweight champion “Fearless” Shakur Stevenson (14-0, 8 KO’s) has remained extremely transparent regarding his desire to move up. Finding himself unable able to land the prizefight he really wanted versus IBF world featherweight champion Josh “The Leeds Warrior” Warrington (30-0, 7 KO’s), the former Olympian is content to move up.

And even though he is a new comer to the division, Stevenson still considers himself to be the deadliest shark in the treacherous new waters. In fact, the confident New Jersey native is convinced that there is already an effort by the other top 130lbs fighters to avoid saying his name, as he revealed during a live Instagram feed.

“They going to sit there and act like I ain’t there; that’s what they are going to do! They try to act like I’m not there, they act like they can’t see me! They going to call out everybody else name, that’s what they going to do, […] we ain’t going to say Shakur name though.

“Shakur just jumped in the 130 weight class! Shakur just jumped in nigga, they ain’t going to scream my name all that loud! Y’all ain’t going to hear that, I promise you. Them niggas will say everybody else name, thinking other niggas sweet. They ain’t going to say my name too loud. They already know what I will do. People ain’t going to say though, I’m going to say it, fuck it!”


Yet, just as Warrington was his chief fixation at featherweight, it appears that WBC world Super Featherweight champion Miguel “El Alacran” Berchelt (37-1, 33 KO’s) will be the new primary target of his aggression. Not so much because he has a personal issue or gripe with the Mexican champion, but simply because of the mystique surrounding him.

Stevenson acknowledges that the heavy-hitting El Alacran is talented. However, he cannot co-sign the level of captivation that many of the fans have for him. So, wanting to show his own worth and dispel any illusions, Fearless is already putting it out there that he wants Berchelt very soon.

“And I am going to fight Berchelt! Y’all keep saying this Berchelt nigga; y’all just keep saying it like he some mothafuckin god or some shit like that! Y’all are crazy! I am going to fight that man for y’all, I got y’all. I’m going to show y’all something. I don’t see what y’all see, but shit, okay! I definitely don’t see what y’all see though.”

By: Bakari Simpson

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