Shields: “If Marshall Is Talking About Retirement That Benefits Me”

Claressa Shields Expects to Benefit Most From Fight Postponement

Savannah Marshall and Claressa Shields at a pre-fight event

Claressa Shields Says Savannah Marshall is Leaving Money on the Table

The biggest fight in boxing is finally happening as unified middleweight champion Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (12-0, 2KO) and WBO champion Savannah “Silent Assassin” Marshall (12-0, 10KO) will settle their rivalry. Shields is confident that the extra training time worked more in her favor due to Marshall’s comments about retirement.

Fans were ready to see the undisputed showdown between the two champions back in September until things got derailed by the passing of Queen Elizabeth. Many inside the boxing community pondered which fighter benefits the most from the postponement, Shields or Marshall?


In an interview with iFL TV, Shields firmly believes it plays toward her advantage based on talks of retirement by Marshall.

“I think it’s going to benefit me more so because she’s talking about retirement, and when you talk about retirement, that means that the body, and the mind, and everything is not on the same page. Maybe her mind wants to continue boxing, but her body doesn’t want to […] When you boxing, everything has to be on the same accord.”


Shields pointed out other fighters that the WBO champion could pursue. Furthermore, she couldn’t understand why Marshall would walk away at the height of women’s boxing’s popularity.

“She would be crazy to leave all these fights on the table, and women’s boxing is booming right now. I mean, I’m not doing it. When I beat Savannah Marshall, I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m fighting against another world champ after that.”

By: Garrisson Bland

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