Claressa Shields and the Battles Over Social Media

Claressa Shields is at War on Social Media

Claressa Shields, Raquel Miller, Cecilia Braekhus and Savannah Marshall
From left to bottom right: Claressa Shields, Raquel Miller, Cecilia Braekhus and Savannah Marshall

Claressa Shields addresses foes over social media.

If Twitter is good for anything, it’s a great place find people going straight at other folk’s necks! Recently, this has been the case for undsiputed middle weight world champion Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (9-0, 2 KO’s).

For the past number of weeks, the Flint, Michigan mauler has engaged in a couple of potentially serious and on-going Twitter wars.

Raquel Miller

Initially, Shields began going back and forth with fellow middleweight Raquel “Pretty Beast” Miller (9-0, 4 KO’s).

The two have maintained a rather cantankerous relationship for some time. Over the past year or so, they have mentioned the other in some form or fashion. However, it’s rarely to sing the other’s praises!

Each fighter believes that they could fairly easily handle the other in the ring. Further, on Twitter, they have been anything but bashful when relaying their feelings on the matter.

Naturally, Miller see’s all those trinkets around Shields’ waist and wants her shot at glory. On the flip-side, “T-rex” believes that she has bigger fish to fry.

At the moment, she doesn’t appear to have Miller on the top of her ‘to do list,’ but still made time to respond via the Twitter-verse.

Savannah Marshall

More recently, Shields has begun a wolfing session with undefeated super middleweight Savannah “Silent Assassin” Marshall (6-0, 4 KO’s).

Admittedly, as a pro, Marshall’s resume should not even be held next to the champ’s. The undisputed champion has simply accomplished far too much to even waste time comparing them.

When dealing with Shields, Marshall’s only solid claim to fame is the fact that she put the only blemish on the female phenom’s record as an amateur.

Shields is quick to acknowledge that the Silent Assassin does hold a victory over her. She is also quick to point out Marshall was fighting at home when she collected that win.

Shields also delights in reiterating that Marshall didn’t receive any sort of medal in the Olympics, whatsoever.

Bigger Fish

While the tough-talk is fun and genuine, it’s unlikely the middleweight champ will fight either woman soon.

For now, she will venture to junior middleweight and possibly become a three division champion in her tenth outing August 17. The opponent will be Ivana Habazin for the vacant WBO title.

If victorious, Team Shields will continue to try to work out a fight with future hall of fame inductee and undisputed welterweight champion Cecilia “First Lady” Braekhus (35-0, 9 KO’s).

The biggest issue seemingly revolves around what weight class the two women would tangle at. Although, Shields moving down to junior middleweight is meeting Braekhus halfway.

By: Bakari Simpson

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