Shields To Baumgardner: “Who You Telling To Sign The Contract?”

Shields and Baumgardner Continue Trading Shots Over the Internet

Claressa Shields looks towards Alycia Baumgardner
Claressa Shields (credit: Instagram @claressashields) questions what contract Alycia Baumgardner is talking about

Claressa Shields Questions Baumgardner on Undirected Call Out

Undisputed middleweight champion Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (14-0, 2KO) has a bone to pick with undisputed junior lightweight champion Alycia “The Bomb” Baumgardner (15-1, 7KO). A recent social media post by The Bomb drew a biting response from T-Rex, who called on Baumgardner to come direct and correct.

The history of these two fighters is well-documented, as things have been heating up between them on social media since 2023. The Bomb stirred the pot by claiming she would drop the three-time undisputed champion.

Boxing fans watched as their verbal attacks continued to escalate in 2024. After seeing Baumgardner say, ‘stop mentioning my name’, Shields quickly responded, stating the undisputed junior lightweight champion wasn’t about that life.


Baumgardner took to social media with one statement that has the boxing public confused as to who the message is direct toward.

Although the message never mentioned a name, it didn’t stop T-Rex from thinking that maybe it was aimed in her direction.

The boxing public is eager to see these two settle things in the ring. However the two fighters’ biggest roadblock is agreeing on the weight class. Baumgardner wants the fight to take place at the welterweight limit. However, Shields isn’t budging on wanting the fight below the junior middleweight limit.

Some fans believe Baumgardner’s message was a willingness to fight at junior middleweight. The Bomb is looking to make a splash in her return to the ring since defeating Christina Linardatou in July 2023.

Shields hasn’t stepped inside a boxing ring since making a successful defense of the undisputed middleweight titles in June 2023. In addition, she gave boxing fans a scare after seeing her arm in a painful armbar technique.

At some point, something will have to give if we are to see these two undisputed champions fight. But, this back and forth is getting tiresome.

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