Shields: “I Would Fight Savannah Marshall in the UK With My Titles”

Claressa Shields Brainstorms on 2020 and Savannah Marshall

Claressa Shields (left), Savannah Marshall
Claressa Shields (left), Savannah Marshall

Claressa Shields Brainstorms on 2020 and Savannah Marshall

Well it looks like the undisputed middleweight champion Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (10-0, 2 KO’s) is looking to maintain an active 2020. This shouldn’t come as any real surprising seeing as how she only stepped into the ring once during 2019 after enjoying a four fight year in 2018. Admittedly though, her lone 2019 bout was a meaningful and historic middleweight unification fight against Christina “The Lady” Hammer (24-1, 11 KO’s) on April 13.

Although, it should be stated that her rather inactive 2019 was due to circumstances out of her control. The main hiccup in professional productivity was due to the hard-to-realize fight with Ivana Habazin. The two had to try three times before they finally got in the squared-circle on January 1, 2020. The first time they were slated to fight, Shields suffered an injury and the second time Habazin’s chief second was hurt and became unavailable at the bitter last minute.


Now with those unsavory incidents in her rear view mirror, Shields is eager to stage a much busier year in 2020, as she told to IFL TV.

“I want to fight three more times in boxing this year, I don’t know if I want to become undisputed at 154 or do I just want to keep my titles at 160 and defend them. But wherever the money is at, wherever the biggest fights is at.

I really wanted to fight against Alejandra Jimenez, but she came back tested dirty against Franchon Crews, so I don’t know what they going to do about that. Once she gets clean I would love to smoke her, you know!”


Another name that has been floating around as a potential in-ring opponent is super middleweight Savannah “The Silent Assassin” Marshall (8-0, 6 KO’s). The primary reason that her name has remained glued to Shields’ is because Marshall defeated T-Rex back in here amateur days.

“I would love to fight in the UK, I told them that I would fight Savannah Marshall in the UK with my titles and stuff on the line. It’s easy to get a fight with me, just say you want a fight with me and we send the contract and you either accept or you deny.

So, we reached out to her to fight and her team said, ‘oh she’s ready but she needs this much time, or we want her to have this many fights.’ So they are going to see it’s not about them, I’m going to make the money without them. I can fight in the UK without Savannah Marshall, but I would love to fight her to avenge my only loss when I was 17 before I became a two-time Olympic champ.

But I can’t force nobody to get in the ring with me, so I wish her luck in whatever she’s doing. She can keep throwing darts at her little poster she got of me at her house and I’m going to continue racking up these titles, racking up these wins and making some money!”

With so many options available to her, it will be fun to see who Shields slides in the ring with next!

By: Bakari Simpson

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